The Public Health Portfolio

Hello world of blogging !

I wanted to start a blog where I could talk about the world of public health, especially in the realms of chronic disease. I’ve done some research out there, and while there’s a lot of articles both academic and the news, I do think that there really isn’t many blogs or websites that is dedicated to blogs about chronic disease and public health.

So, why a public health portfolio?

Well, a portfolio, to me, is a collection. From the art standpoint, portfolios are like a resume; especially as it’s a collection of one’s best work.

This blog won’t be about my best work of art. However, it will be a portfolio of three of my favorite loves — the world of public health & medicine (chronic disease); fashion (A girl’s gotta love fashion, especially in the professional world); and photography.

So, you’ll get a little bit of these 3 subjects in my blog portfolio, and I hope over time, that this can be a place not about professional world fashion and photography, but a place where you can get a dose of public health insight as well.

A little bit about me —

My name is Michelle (as you can see as the writer). 🙂 I have a Masters in Public Health from Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health. I work as a public health professional in California (yeah sunny, yet now rainy California) with my main work in trying to prevent and manage chronic disease. I’m in the process of applying to physician assistant school (yes, I’m motivated to get into medicine, specifically primary care services), so you’ll probably see posts here relating to public health and medicine.

I have a thing for photography, especially when it relates to culture and landscape, so be prepared for some photo blogging, and hopefully it’ll inspire you and create some sense of emotion of some sort. I certainly believe a picture is worth a thousand words, and I hope that some of what I show you can inspire words as well.

And fashion…. Well, let’s just say, I love fashion, but my knack for being such is quite under par. However, as a professional, I aspire to be up to date with fashion, especially when it comes to the realms of healthcare. I find that a lot of times, fashion is often catered to the financial, marketing, communications, and urban areas of the world, but very little falls into those who work in healthcare, so all you stylists out there who are reading my first post here are on WordPress, if you create practical, fashionable looks for the healthcare realm, let me know, because if it’s one thing I really hope, it’s to really up the ante of fashion in the healthcare system (scrubs don’t count, because everyone knows…scrubs are meant to get dirty…so fashionable scrubs unless you’re not in a hospital and for costumes…out of the question…)

As you can see, I really have many different loves of life, but these are the three I really want to blog about as areas of bringing light and attention to issues relating to public health, aspire words and emotion from photography, and for me areas of improvement in the areas of fashion because I love it and I hope to help healthcare professionals aspire to be practically fashionable without skipping a beat on promoting healthier lives to patients and within their communities.

So, I hope I’ll obtain some followers on my blog, and I hope it’s a portfolio that will be a venue to bring awareness of public health issues, aspiration and inspiration through photography, and updated practical fashion for the healthcare profession.

Here’s to my new blog portfolio.


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