You motivated to learn ?

“I’m not like you!”

In the last 4 months, I’ve heard this multiple times. Some are a lot older than me, others are my age.

Im always amazed by how people are so quick to say the above quote when they are unable to do something. It’s like a child who is frustrated and wants someone to take care of what they can’t do.

I didn’t take the above picture, but it’s a quote that I’ve always believed in.

Research shows that a person with about 10,000 hours of practice can become proficient in a skill or ability. If one were to google how people draw (beginning stages) to 10,000 hrs later, what a world of a difference!

The key is motivation. Do you care enough to learn it? For me, I happen to be the geek squad of friends and family. Mind you, my degrees are all related to biology and public health. Computers and technology are not quite my forte.  Yet here and there because of a problem or two, I had to learn to fix computer related problems. Otherwise, my computer won’t work and things won’t get done. It’s the same with learning other things as well.

I am no expert in learning. But I’ve picked up many things as of recent because I want to or because I have to. It’s not a science.

A 33 year old once complained how she doesn’t know how to use Microsoft office. While in my mind I pondered how she even got the job in the first place, given that it was a requirement to know excel for the job, I told her to use YouTube to learn. Again, the response was “I’m not like you.” The same response for using the popular invitation website Event Brite. “It’s too hard, I’m not like you.”

its frustrating when one resolves that they’re not like another. If you need it for work, are you not willing to learn the skills of the trade? Are you not willing to challenge yourself to a level that is uncomfortable?

I absolutely HATE programming. I learned a bit in high school because it’s a requirement to graduate. It was TORTUROUS! Yet 2 years ago, a call to our department to figure out how to database people who wanted to participate in research. We have no programmer, but I had is remember a bit of Microsoft Access. I wasn’t familiar, yet I saw the benefits and what the potential was if someone could program a database via Access. So, I volunteered to build a database and using the handy YouTube, I learned how to create a database. It took hours and a few days, but I did it, and it’s functional. I still hate programming by the way.

So, my honest opinion about learning is quite self explanatory based on the picture above. If you don’t want to learn, no one can help you. HOWEVER for the one willing and believes they can, the potential for what is to come is remarkable.

Are you motivated to learn something? Do you believe with the right amount of training and time,you can be proficient at a skill or an ability?


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