Blvd of a Broken Dream

Dreams can easily be broken. Dreams don’t come true, and dreams often take work. Our culture today gives people encouragement to go and seek after what we believe in; to follow our dreams; to go after what we want to do. After all, isn’t that what all graduate speeches are about? Dreams can be shattered.… Continue reading Blvd of a Broken Dream

Seeing the game from beyond the fence

As a kid, I was blessed with a “tall” gene (although after puberty hit, that all changed for some odd reason), and seeing things above a fence was not too difficult. Now, this was difficult for some of my classmates who were a lot shorter than I was (somehow, they are taller than I am… Continue reading Seeing the game from beyond the fence

Best Kept Secret in Healthcare

“Pharmacists are the best kept secret in healthcare.” I believe this statement is true. Beyond the white coat in the local drug store or independent pharmacy in your neighborhood, is a healthcare profession that has gone through extensive training to learn about how drugs (medicine) interacts in one’s body amongst many other things. I just… Continue reading Best Kept Secret in Healthcare

Practicality v. Fashion

In Chinese, there’s a saying, we would die to look good. I wish I knew how to write the phrase in Chinese, but I’m not sure that’s quite possible, so, essentially, I’ll give the English translation of it. I recently traveled for business to a conference, and I decided, way before traveling that I wanted… Continue reading Practicality v. Fashion

StyleBook v. Photography

I have to say, I SUCK at using StyleBook. While waiting on some equipment, I realized that there’s this incredibly app for IPads and IPhones called StyleBook. Now, I’ll admit that I’m quite an amateur with the app, so I can’t say much with regards to how the app actually runs. All I can personally… Continue reading StyleBook v. Photography

Two Weeks of the Waiting Game

Hi everyone, Happy Super Bowl Weekend! It’s the big 50 for SuperBowl fans, and this year, it’s near me! In San Francisco, California ! As much as I would LOVE to participate in the events of the Super Bowl (sorry all my readers…not a big football fan), I’m actually at a cafe reviewing all things… Continue reading Two Weeks of the Waiting Game

No excuse to not get checked for Pre-Diabetes

A little over a week ago, the Ad Council, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Diabetes Association, and the American Medical Association launched a giant campaign to the public on pre-diabetes. It’s really great, because according to the CDC, 86 million Americans (yes, that number is correct) have pre-diabetes. In a nut shell, 1… Continue reading No excuse to not get checked for Pre-Diabetes