StyleBook v. Photography

I have to say, I SUCK at using StyleBook.

While waiting on some equipment, I realized that there’s this incredibly app for IPads and IPhones called StyleBook.

Now, I’ll admit that I’m quite an amateur with the app, so I can’t say much with regards to how the app actually runs. All I can personally comment on, is that I’m not as familiar with using the app than what I normally would do, which is photography.

Am I selfies type? Absolutely not, so even when it comes to fashion, I think it’s an area of improvement that I just need to work on. However, I’m decent with a camera. 🙂

Now…with regards to my first StyleBook entry, I was trying to create a post of what to wear when one is going to a meeting with so really important people. I went to something that was pretty important last week, and I at least wanted to show what I was going to wear (Thus the StyleBook App arrangement).

So what’s this arrangement?

  • Banana Republic pant
  • Loft blouse
  • Aerosoles boot

Not pictured: Green Olivia & Joy tote.

It was a good outfit, though I think what I would do next time is wear a nude or gray pump.

However, that’s not the point of this post. The point is, I find a bias towards fashion photography as opposed to an app. However, the app does tell me though what does look good and not. Upon arranging this on StyleBook, I realized the shoe could be different. So I think there are benefits to the app itself.

When I get the necessary equipment, I hope to show more photography related fashion looks. In the meantime, apologies for this kind of fashion post, but I did want to put up a fashion post of what I would wear when I am meeting with community partners.

So, here’s to more improvement in the area of using apps, photography, and fashion.


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