Practicality v. Fashion

In Chinese, there’s a saying, we would die to look good.

I wish I knew how to write the phrase in Chinese, but I’m not sure that’s quite possible, so, essentially, I’ll give the English translation of it.

I recently traveled for business to a conference, and I decided, way before traveling that I wanted to post a blog about practicality and fashion. Many times, fashionable items…often times aren’t the most practical. In previous business travels, I would carry a work tote and it’s a tote I’ve carried for quite some time. Specifically, it’s a pretty darn expensive tote that my parents got me when I graduated college for school and job interviews. Let’s just say, recent travels for work has worn this tote down a bit…and it’s not because of the’s what I was lugging around with me.

Because this tote carries a lot of sentimental value to me, and I plan on utilizing this for potential interviews for PA schools, I decided to give it a rest and purchased a more reliable bag that I’ve trusted for a few years now.

For you East Coasters or even those from SoCal, you may not heard of the company, because it’s mostly a Bay Area thing, but TimBuk2…let me tell you, this is a trustworthy bag for travel, work, pretty much anything you can think of. I carried this bag to my conference (see picture above). It’s the 2014 Commute Messenger bag, and it is AWESOME. Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Durable (I lugged a lot with me for this, and it was great that the handles and cross shoulder strap didn’t budge.
  • Durable reason 2: It doesn’t get dirty easy…like, at all. I had a classic messenger bag back in 2008, and I spilled pasta sauce all over it. I kid you not, it was brand new and I nearly flipped out because pasta sauce…tough sucker to get off anything. I put it into the wash and air dried..looked brand new….beautiful…I had this until a few years ago, which was still usable, it just became too small for me to use, so I donated I to their recycle program (awesome by the way), where they give these usable bags to those in need in 3rd world countries.
  • TSA friendly: Open up the computer compartment (which fits a laptop, tablet, Chargers, etc) when going through the TSA checkpoint in any airport, no need to separate that electronic arm into a plastic bin…convenient and useful.
  • Coffee cup sleeve: My favorite thing to have to free up those hands.
  • Extra compartment to place bag with carry on: Instead of tiring out your shoulders by carrying this bag, which is light as it is…put it with your carry on roller…trust me, it’ll hold.
  • Pockets: If you like pockets galore…than this bag is for you.
  • Waterproof: I don’t travel to places with rain that often…the only places where this happens is..well…when I travel to places of humid weather in the summers, but this is fairly waterproof to rain. The one time my Timbuk2 Bag didn’t hold…was sadly, when I went to the amusement park, let’s say, on a water ride, I looked like I jumped into a pool…I was dripping wet, and water had gone in through the sides…basically, I jumped into the pool, on a ride and yeah, my cell phone waterlogged…so…it’s waterproof to a certain point…but for sure, in torrential rain in China, this has held up…so it’ll hold…
  • Shoulder strap pad: Hey, if you want anything for cross shoulder straps, it’s a shoulder pad…and this actually helps a lot.

Unfortunately as I mentioned, it’s not the most fashionable item in my plethora of bags, which is one of my loves, but when it comes to work, I would like practical items that are durable, lasts me a good number of years, and has a point and reason to it. I carried a bunch of documents, my IPad, charger for phone and IPad, study materials (hey the girl has to study when there’s time…), work materials, small makeup bag, wallet, headphones, business card holders for networking, pens, notepad. On top of that, after the conference, I came back with articles and a few booklets, so I’m glad I had the extra space.

TimBuk2 is starting to bring bags that are a lot more fashionable and out there for sure, but other totes…ehh…the durability and practicality of it unfortunately doesn’t live up to expectation. So, for those out there who have fashionable work totes and bags for me to try, let me know, because I’d love to find one.

However, I’ve loved TimBuk2 products for years now. I own a few of their products, and let me just say, they do not disappoint when it comes to durability and practicality.

Check out their website:

*I do not work for Timbuk2 and I am not in any partnership with Timbuk2.

I just love their products, and hey..if Timbuk2 sees this, would love to work with them on stuff! 🙂


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