Seeing the game from beyond the fence

As a kid, I was blessed with a “tall” gene (although after puberty hit, that all changed for some odd reason), and seeing things above a fence was not too difficult. Now, this was difficult for some of my classmates who were a lot shorter than I was (somehow, they are taller than I am today).

The picture is not mine. In fact I found it through google, and it’s a picture that I first saw during a meeting with regards to equality and equity. Now, I’m not the best at explaining definitions, but I think this picture alongside what others have described each to be quite the definition.


It’s interesting, because we often believe that everyone ought to have the same things — rights, opportunities, you name it. Yet, sadly, equality according to the picture, won’t give what we ultimately want, to see the ballgame, as the picture depicts. Rather, equity is a necessity, so that others can enjoy what others are able to (i.e. the baseball game).

I had an interesting conversation with someone, and it made me think about this picture again. It was a sad conversation, which I won’t go into detail on. Essentially it was a conversation on equity, and it was one that some people don’t believe in.

From a public health standpoint, I think it’s sad and disappointing that not everyone believes in equity. It doesn’t mean I don’t have conservative views, I do, and I’m sure everyone has their own conservative views on controversial topics, but one area that I find sad is that people don’t believe in access to same opportunities. There are some people out there who believe that healthcare is not a basic right. I personally think that everyone ought to have access to healthcare, because health is not only important to me, but it involves everything a person does — productivity, employment, family life, economics, you name it.

So it I thought about this driving home today, and I believe that before equality can happen, the reality is that equity must be addressed. It’s not only a topic of public health, but it involves a lot more other topics such as education, standards of living, access to care and support, and so much more.

Yet, there are some who believe that the shorties of the world don’t deserve to see the baseball game. How sad is that.


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