How do you note take? Laptop v. Tablet

Hi everyone! As we get closer to finals, well, I guess for some of you, Spring Break seems A LOT closer than finals. However finals are going to become upon me and many others in like a snap of a finger! As a college student, I was still in a phase where laptops were a… Continue reading How do you note take? Laptop v. Tablet

Sitting is the NEW Smoking

What a crazy title right? Hi guys! I haven’t written in quite some time, and it’s been incredibly busy with work, school, and life. However, I’m glad that more people seem to be interested in my posts. I’m so new at it, that it’s surprising to me that people would even look at my blogs.… Continue reading Sitting is the NEW Smoking

What to do with all the to-doooooos

Let’s face it, life comes with a lot of to-do’s. We have work, school, a family to take care of, grocery shopping, bills to pay, taxes to do (eek!), and so much more. It’s a hard knock life sometimes. Then again, honestly, my version of a hard knock life is something I can’t complain about.… Continue reading What to do with all the to-doooooos

Stormy Hope

Hello again from rainy California! It’s been incredibly stormy, and as much as I love the rain, I would love sunshine right! It’s been quite some time since I’ve put a post up on photography, and I realized, as I was looking at this little tulip about to bloom, that I’ve never posted a… Continue reading Stormy Hope

The Complete Look

    The older I get, the more I realize that a complete look doesn’t just have to do with clothing. Rather it’s the complete package, which of course means, that one’s face as to be made up to hide certain imperfections. Yes — this post, is about make up! Honestly, growing up, I was… Continue reading The Complete Look

Global Health vs. Chronic Disease

For those of us who were in high school in the late 90s and early millennium, we all remember the comedy, Miss Congeniality. Remember how every pageant contestant mentioned “World Peace” as their answer? Well, I feel like there’s been a lot of public health news that is similar to the sentiment of “world peace.”… Continue reading Global Health vs. Chronic Disease

Spastic Weather & Work Clothes

Hi everyone from the rainy Bay Area in California ! We’ve had some fairly interesting weather here in California — we’ve had moderate weather we experienced the high 70s, and we’ve had some brisk weather as well, which of course includes the interesting wind and rain that’s happening even now as I sit at a… Continue reading Spastic Weather & Work Clothes