Spastic Weather & Work Clothes

Hi everyone from the rainy Bay Area in California !

We’ve had some fairly interesting weather here in California — we’ve had moderate weather we experienced the high 70s, and we’ve had some brisk weather as well, which of course includes the interesting wind and rain that’s happening even now as I sit at a local cafe, starring out at the gloomy, cloudy, and rainy weather.

Spring is almost here, with blossoms beginning to bloom, and the horrid allergies as well. Start those allergy meds early folks…it helps!

So, with the spastic weather and a need to maintain the professional look, what do you do?

A week ago, I was getting ready to transition my current fall and winter wardrobe to the spring and summer wardrobe. This means bright colored dresses, bright colored shirts, lighter material, and skirts! Also, bring on the wedges!

However, this obviously came to a halt when I saw the forecasted rain. This means that the transition of seasonal wardrobe had to wait.

Would you start the transition early? Would you not?

Being the practical gal that I am, I actually chose to not transition my wardrobe yet. It wasn’t simply out of practicality either. More often than not, when do most people catch colds and actually get under the weather? It’s not just the fall or winter. In actuality, the spring time is the time when people actually do get sick. Why? Spastic weather. It’s cold, hot, warm, rainy, windy — you name it, it happens.

I think it’s fine to start bringing out the lighter clothing material. I know that my cardigans aren’t just fall clothing pieces. They are my year round go-to’s. I have started acquiring items that require some dry cleaning, so that I can start putting these items away. After all, who uses a pea coat in April ? Not me!

So in conclusion, I think I’m preparing for the transition to a brighter wardrobe as it gets warmer. However, it’s nice to have your favorite go to’s from the fall/winter seasons available still, especially as the weather is constantly changing. Keep some sweaters, some those khakis, the boots, the warm leggings, fuzzy scarves available so that you can easily access them in times such as today.

However, get ready, because as soon as spring comes, and the weather becomes a bit more consistent, it’s time to take out those nice bright color tops, dresses, and skirts! Can’t wait to reveal some of my favorite go to’s for work for the spring! More to come, but for now, here’s to a cup of coffee, rainy day, and a nice cafe study day.


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