The Complete Look




The older I get, the more I realize that a complete look doesn’t just have to do with clothing. Rather it’s the complete package, which of course means, that one’s face as to be made up to hide certain imperfections.

Yes — this post, is about make up! Honestly, growing up, I was never the make up crazed teenager, probably because I had some severe skin issues. However, the times I did, was when I was performing (yes, I did say perform, I performed with a local dance troupe).

When it comes to work, I have to say make up does wonders. These days, if you ever go on Pinterest, transformations galore can be seen with the usage of make up. I’m not the type that likes to put a “full face” on just for work. After all, it’s work, why would I want a “full face?” When I think of a “full face,” I think of what’s needed for awesome pictures for a wedding, portrait…yes, even on TV. Guess what, I don’t think any of these reasons are happening soon, so a full face of makeup isn’t really what I’m aiming for when it comes to this post. In fact, for all you pre-grads getting ready for a round of applications, later on, when you get invited to an interview — WEAR MAKEUP! Trust me, it goes a long way.

The point is, one’s face needs to be presented in such a way, where one’s natural beauty and alertness is there. For me, these are some of the things that I wear to make my face presentable and alert. Let’s face it, in the morning, I am not alert until I have that first cup of coffee.

1. Primer and Moisturizer– Both by Shiseido (Yes, this is an important step)

2. Sun Screen — Shiseido (Most IMPORTANT step, wear the SPF guys! Seriously!)

3. Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream (Lately, I prefer Tinted Moisturizer) — Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer in Bisque

4. Concealer — Benefit’s Erase Paste (Medium)

5. Here’s where it really gets tricky; depending on my mood and time, I may just do the following (Whichever it is, I do apply Urban Decay’s Eye Primer)

A. Eye liner — Tarte’s gel eye liner in Brown OR Black; OR Nars Liquid Liner in Charcoal

B. Eye Shadow with Mascara — Eye Shadow is Stila’s Soul Palette (Although I’m going to be transitioning to Urban Decay’s Smoky Eye Pallete); Mascara is Clinique’s Long Wearing Mascara (Washes off with warm water — a plus, considering that I don’t need make up remover to really wipe off the mascara).

5. Bronzer — Shiseido (in light)

6. If I feel like it — blush — Bare Minerals


All that takes me less than 10 minutes. Yes, it can be done in under 20 minutes, and for me, I think it’s a plus that I can do all that in under 10 minutes. As I said, I am no expert in make up. However, I do find that the usage of makeup is needed in the professional world. For someone like me who’s on the go and meeting community partners about things related to healthcare, I do think that it’s important that one’s professional look does not get trumped by one’s look. I know a lot of times, one looks professional, but the minute I look at their face, sorry girls, I know… I can tell whether or not they’ve had 4 hours of sleep or perhaps a late night or sadly morning hang over, or simply, just, well…dead… Which is unfortunate.

Again, I’m not the best person when it comes to make up. My friends can attest to this area of mine, which is not the best. I’m getting better though. I have to say, I’m learning to really present what’s my best so that others can perceive me to be a professional woman in the health sector as opposed to anything else.



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