Stormy Hope

Hello again from rainy California!

It’s been incredibly stormy, and as much as I love the rain, I would love sunshine right!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve put a post up on photography, and I realized, as I was looking at this little tulip about to bloom, that I’ve never posted a picture in which I was the photographer! So, here’s one that I chose to take, a tulip that’s in bloom, despite the rain.

When I first saw this little yellow bud, I was attracted to it because it had just rained, it was tiny, and it was just, one of those moments when I felt hopeful.

If you follow my blog, I know that you all know that I recently got a rejection letter, and I was discouraged by that. Recently, because of moments where I was reminiscing back to some past events, I was down and out. So seeing this little flower bloom the way it is, I couldn’t help but feel hopeful in the midst of the torrential storms that literally are happening where I live.

I think we all have hopes — in my opinion, it’s something in all of us — we all hope for many things. Whether it’s a better life, better future, better job, world peace, and more, the fact of the matter is that we have always hope for something better than what we have.

Now, I’m not going to go into theology or anything related to religion, but one thing I can say is that when you see something as beautiful as this tulip about to bloom in a floor of rocks, in stormy weather, it gives you hope. For me, this budding flower gives me hope that my past doesn’t define me, but provides a lesson for present days as well as those in the future. This flower shows me, that though I may have been rejected by a PA school (the only PA school I applied to due to deadlines and all) isn’t the end. If you go back to my post, I realized, realistically, I need to choose schools I’m applying to wisely.

More than that, what I’m reminded of when I think of this budding flower, is that storms pass.  Isn’t that something we ought to be hopeful for? Not only that, but the fact,  that this flower bloomed, and it’s beautiful.

So, for those of you in the midst of a storm (of life) or even literally in a storm, hang in there. There’s an end to the storm. For those of us who are hopeful? What are you hopeful for?


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