How do you note take? Laptop v. Tablet

Hi everyone!

As we get closer to finals, well, I guess for some of you, Spring Break seems A LOT closer than finals. However finals are going to become upon me and many others in like a snap of a finger!

As a college student, I was still in a phase where laptops were a bit chunky (i.e. they weighted at least 10 pounds), so taking notes via a laptop wasn’t exactly the best thing, especially because we carried our lab manuals, lab notebooks, textbooks, and of course…lunch! (shows where my priorities were..)

After college and going to grad school, the era of the laptop was definitely upon me, and without a laptop, I think I would have been completely lost when it came to notetaking in grad school. Yet, now, there’s been a transition, and I’m not sure if it’s happening as often as I think, but based on observation, encounters with professional grad students, and professors, it seems like there has been a shift where students are utilizing various forms of note taking. Obviously, there is the traditional, write as you go approach (and in my opinion, for certain classes, there is an advantage when you hand write your notes). Then, there’s the laptop and the tablet.

I’ve always enjoyed utilizing technology to it’s fullest capacity. I’m not here to say you should do one thing or the other. However, I do love it when you can use technology to your advantage, especially when it comes to note taking.


At present, companies who are making laptops are getting quite spiffy. Because of the competition of tablets, laptops are nowadays lighter, touch screen, faster, and have longer battery life (LOVE the longer battery life). Laptops are also a lot more durable than the oldies, that where as I mentioned above — chunky. Various note-taking apps that had catered to the tablet realm, have also made apps for the PC and Mac systems as well. With the availability of the cloud, hey, laptops are making a definitely comeback! E-books helps a lot too. 🙂


When tablets first came out, I was already sold on its idea and convenience. I didn’t really utilize a tablet until a lot later when my laptop died, since I didn’t really have a use for it, however, I did utilize a tablet for piano playing, since pdf files were easily assessible online. Thus the tablet purchase. Anyhow, I digress….because hey, tablets can be used for music playing (for all you music majors out there!). I use my tablet mainly for work. However, since I’ve also started taking classes, I love utilizing a tablet to do my work. There are some limitations to them, in my opinion. I find that at times, there’s extra charging. You not only have to ensure that your tablet is charged, but hey, even with keyboard cases….keyboards have to be charged. In addition, the over dependence of the cloud is to me…a bit…well…I don’t always trust the cloud…because I can place it somewhere..but who has access to that somewhere (RIGHT?????? THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND…). On top of that, tablets have smaller screens; this means that keyboard cases (unless you like carrying around a full size keyboard, which…I actually do have one, but I rarely carry it with me) are also smaller. Typing with smaller keyboards = increased risk of carpal tunnel and also other injuries…Plus..smaller tablet screens despite its capability to zoom in/out…also causes eye sight issues.

I’m sure there are many other benefits and disadvantages to each. Honestly, I haven’t really thought about buying a laptop soon, because frankly…I find that my tablet works just fine. I do miss using a USB stick, as I don’t utilize one that often anymore, since I have access to the oh so convenient, yet I’m not sure who has access CLOUD. Would I utilize this for grad school? Absolutely, I don’t think I’ve had any problems with it yet. I’ve heard of some issues that have come up, but as of now, nothing’s really come up with me, and I like my long battery life tablet. So…the tablet wins for me…

What about you laptop or tablet? Which do you prefer?

PS: Old fashioned hand written notes are good too (heck, I do it to remember things still…)


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