Discipline of sleep

It is said through research that most people function with at least 8 hours of sleep. The other day, I had a conversation with a group of people, I believe the majority of us got less than 5 with one complaining of only getting a little over 7 hours of sleep. As a college student,… Continue reading Discipline of sleep

Le Aqua, Le Serum, & Le Cream

Hello readers! 2nd blog of the weekend! A while ago, I had posted a picture of a simple make up look for work, and I have to say, I still utilize the easy put together make up look for work. However, when I saw my picture I had to gasp a bit, because there were… Continue reading Le Aqua, Le Serum, & Le Cream

Exposed in the Rain

In the midst of April showers, I ran into this little guy climbing up a white wooden post. In the background, someone was saying “Watch out! Don’t step on the snail!” It was one of those interesting moments when here’s a creature exposed to natural hard elements climbing up a post while another creature with… Continue reading Exposed in the Rain


Hello folks from rainy California! Yes, that’s right, it’s spring, and we are having April showers! With Spring here, a lot of times there are sales, and that’s definitely the case for many stores that are in the beauty and clothing business. With the availability of social media, I think what’s become apparent is that… Continue reading Hauling!

Career Expansion Above 30

When I chose at the age of 30 to expand on my career as opposed to changing my career, which, I’ll explain later, I had the momentary thought that I was crazy. Now in the 3rd decade of my life, many my age would honestly be settling down. By this, I mean 1) Married, 2)… Continue reading Career Expansion Above 30

Let’s go Team Work! Let’s go….

Hey guys! These past couple of days…or I should say weeks have been extremely busy, so, it’s been a bit tough to find time to really blog about things. In short, finals for the class I’m taking is coming up. Then there’s the entrance exams. Last but not least…applications are about to start up, so,… Continue reading Let’s go Team Work! Let’s go….