Hello folks from rainy California!

Yes, that’s right, it’s spring, and we are having April showers!

With Spring here, a lot of times there are sales, and that’s definitely the case for many stores that are in the beauty and clothing business.

With the availability of social media, I think what’s become apparent is that there are times throughout the year where bloggers, vloggers, picture bloggers (is there even a word for this?) that share what was purchased in a haul. Hauls, at least in my personal experience, are when people purchase large amounts of items during sale periods that happen. For instance, right now, Sephora has their 10% sales for Beauty Insiders and 15% for the loyal VIBers and VIB Rougers. It can be an intense spending moment for many, and based on what I’m seeing on youtube these days, people can spend a lot.

So, before I go into my version of a “haul,” I’d like to give you a bit of backstory about how I approach shopping and sales. I grew up learning about budgeting and buying things when they’re on sale, that there’s no reason to really buy something at full price unless it’s really needed (i.e. Emergencies). So, clothes came from Ross, Target, and gifts from families. Gap and Old Navy at times were considered “luxury.” I think as a teeanger, at times, it was kinda of awkward, because my clothes didn’t quite fit in with the in crowd. However, as I got older, went to college, and now working as a professional, this notion of saving and not needing to buy things at full price really stuck out at me, because honestly, I rarely buy things at full price. I think the only thing I’ve bought full price may be a few electronics purchases and a pair of really good clogs. Other than that, most of my purchases are usually discounted items.

So, with spring here, did I do a haul? I did spend some money on some items, but I really wouldn’t say I did a “haul” as what many people may end up buying as an amount. That’s not to say that I’m against hauling, because honestly, those who do them, I learn what’s good and what’s not, and for these bloggers, vloggers, picture-oggers (my made up word), I think they do a really good job at showing the world what’s good, what’s not, and what can be done with items. I do think they’re sadly taking away from the tradition sense of the profession of journalism, photographers, and editorials, which was what I grew up with, and learned in high school (Yes! I took Journalism in High School, and I loved it!). So, here are some things I got in my haul (This does include clothe, accessories, and yes, make up/beauty products)


Loft Skirt (Loft Factory Outlet): $10

Under Armor short shorts in dryfit (Under Armour Factory Outlet): $11 each [I wear these when I think a skirt or dress is a tad bit too short and I need it; go ahead and hate me for wearing skirts under dresses, but hey, I like them and I think it’s better to have shorts than expose yourself, so go figure]


Calvin Klein belt (Calvin Klein Factory Outlet): $13

Gold knot earrings (Loft Factory Outlet): $5


Bare Minerals eye shadow pots: $9 each (Bare Minerals Outlet)

Smashbox Liquid Spray Primer: $16 (Ulta during the 30 day sale; my sister got it for me since the closest Ulta from where I work is kind of far)

Elf brushes (Target): Blending brush $3 (original was $6)

Shiseido eye lash curler pad (Sephora): $5.50


So, as you can see, this isn’t really a “haul” per say, I didn’t go crazy. I did buy a few things that I thought were worth purchasing. Honestly, I learned from my sibling that if you set a goal of how much to spend on certain things, you’re good. She’s like the QUEEN of sales shopping. She bought a pair of Italian boots from Nordstrom’s Rack one time, where the original price was like hundreds of dollars and she got them for like $20 I believe, so she’s the QUEEN of deals. I’m only average since sometimes, if I like something, I do end up buying them when they’re on sale…so, I’m not as good as her.

Anyway, I haven’t done a fashion or beauty related blog in a while, but since I recently did make a series of purchases, I find that I did do a “haul,” it’s just not as intense as what others may be doing. Do I ever do a haul? Yes, trust me, I’ve had my moments, but as of now, this is my spring “haul.”

For all those out there, have you recently done a haul? Are you going to do a haul? Where do you normally do hauls?



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