Exposed in the Rain

In the midst of April showers, I ran into this little guy climbing up a white wooden post. In the background, someone was saying “Watch out! Don’t step on the snail!”

It was one of those interesting moments when here’s a creature exposed to natural hard elements climbing up a post while another creature with a shell is exploring the ground.

I haven’t done a photo blog in quite some time, and frankly I haven’t found anything that was inspiring. However, the middle of running around, I saw this guy, small, but it was something that I thought brought a lot of thought.

Now, I often don’t just take pictures in the rain. I take main pictures in other weather conditions, but I thought about how little guy was exposed to some harsh elements without a shell or protective covering.

So many times, I find people often just have this wall up — a wall of protection, of invulnerability as a means to not get hurt. I am one of them who puts up a wall that I’ve got things put together, that things are all right, that I can handle it. Perhaps it’s to not experience the hurt of others, insecurity, or the need to be independent. Whatever the reason, I think everyone in some way or form will have this wall.

Yet, to be exposed, there’s a sense of freedom. To be known, to be who you are, to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, in the midst of the storms of life. I think that this type of vulnerability is needed in a world where protection is so needed, where everyone wants transparency, but at the same time fears it. This creature, weak, vulnerable, and exposed, seems to be climbing up this 10 foot wooden post and I have applaud this tiny little creature for doing so. Think about it, it could die at any moment by someone who doesn’t like it on the post, falling, etc. Yet, it’s climbing, and honestly, there’s a feeling of freedom to be weak, vulnerable, and climbing.

I have no idea why this little creature became an inspiration to my 2nd photoblog post, but it was something that reminded me a bit of myself when I saw this slug.


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