Le Aqua, Le Serum, & Le Cream

Hello readers!

2nd blog of the weekend! A while ago, I had posted a picture of a simple make up look for work, and I have to say, I still utilize the easy put together make up look for work. However, when I saw my picture I had to gasp a bit, because there were some blotchy parts to my face I had not noticed before.


Eye widening as it is, when one hits their 30s, it’s true that their skin changes a bit, and mine is no exception. Since then, I had often looked at my face with a new lense, and I have to say, the insecurities of older skin began to set in.

I recalled a conversation, while shopping with my sister once. She was at a make up counter at a luxury line, and the specialist mentioned how while make up can cover one’s blemishes and essentially beautify a person, the key is skin care. Little did the two know, when I saw my skin at the time, this conversation was one that I thought about a little more than before.

I’ll be DEAD honest. I didn’t really use moisturizer till college. Sun screen on my face till after college, make up is for special occassions only. Yeap, I was a lazy beauty girl, and honestly, I was more of a tom boy than a girley girl. I still am, for me, but the side of feminity has been catching on. So, what’s a girl to do when she starts seeing spots and blotchy skin, considering that she has a regiment of moisturizer, primer, and tinted moisturizer for her skin every day? (I use night cream at night, but it’s usually when my skin is dry).

She researchers what kind of skincare items she needs to make her skin look healthy!

A little bit a bout my skin — My skin is ultra sensitive. I switched to high end make up, particularly foundations, because my skin would literally itch from wearing drug store lines. I’ve tried Almay and Physician’s Formula, recommended not only by dermatologists, but even pharmacists have told me these are good for sensitve skin. Yeah…didn’t work….Even so, some high end products also causes my skin to get itchy, so I often have to sample foundations and powders before I can purchase them. I’ve been traumatized at make up and skincare counters before, so trust me when I say, finding out what I need and having to go to the make up counter or a skincare counter isn’t what I would say my favorite thing to do. However, this gal does want to have healthy looking skin, so…here we go!

As you all know, I’m a HUGE Shiseido fan, so I went and fought after a few things. I was shocked by skincare prices. Wide eyed again, I thought, do I need all this for hundreds of dollars? After all, I’m not a big spender, nor am I really into skincare regimens. However, I knew, I needed to start one if I wanted to keep my skin healthy. My resolution was this — invest in a good eye cream, a serum, and good renewal night mask.

From Shiseido, I got the Whitening Eye Cream, which is meant to help with dark circles. Priced at $52, it was one of my larger spending items. I do have to say, I love the feel of it. I am going to invest in the Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Eye Cream. Many have raved about it, and I think if anything that’s my next purchase.

I also recently purchased the Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer as well as a night moisturizer and for the winter. I currently use the Shiseido Pure Oil Free Moisturizer, and I’ve used it for a good 5 years now. I think I’m still going to use this for when the weather is not as dry, such as now, but for the winter, I felt like I needed to use something more moisturizing, so I think I’ll be using this when Fall and Winter comes around.

A lot of vloggers and people have recommended serums for me, and at first I’m like, serums…yeah right! A lot have invested on Shiseido’s Eudermine Revitalizing Essence, and I have to say, WOW…this stuff works. I don’t own my own yet, but I’ve tried it and thumbs up to this. Right now, I’m using Body Shop’s Drops of Youth serum. The woman who was working there told me how she used this to help with her fine lines and sun spots that have come up, and given that she was around the same age as me, I thought, why not? It was at a good price point ($32 for me, on sale), and I tried it, and so far, thumbs up too! My skin visibly looks better, my spots are not as defined as before, and I have to say, I like. My disbelief on serums in the past has turned around. I love serums, and I think if you can afford it, I would say, try it out. You don’t have to go with the brands I choose, there are many other there that others have recommended, but I do want to suggest a try to serums. I think it’s really useful.

For my birthday, My sister got me a night skin renewal mask that I don’t have to wipe off, which I thought was neat. It’s the Nude Skincare Advanced Renewal Overnight Repair Mask. It was sold in Sephora a while ago, but I believe the line has been discontinued there. I was able to find it on the Nude Skincare website, and I have to say, this was also a good brand that works for my skin. What I do is that a few nights a week, I’ll use the serum and switch to the renewal mask on other days as part of my nightly routine.

During the day time, I’ll use the Shiseido Oil Free Moisturizer, but I’ll use (not every day) the serum as well. Of course, my day time routine includes sun screen. The thing about serums is that, you have to apply sun screen. If you don’t, you’ll get readness because the serums are working on the skin, and sun rays on that is not a good thing. Then again, wearing sunscreen should be part of anyone’s routine. I think for health reasons, everyone should wear SPF.

I’m a huge coffee lover, so coffee for me is a must everyday. However, coffee also dries out my skin, and that blotchiness, I found out could be because my skin is dehydrated. So, I made a goal of drinking more water. For me, I hate water…water doesn’t taste good to me (Weird, I know..). However, dehydrated skin isn’t going to help my skin one bit! So, I started drinking water while I work (after my one cup of morning joe), and during lunch time, I’ll drink sparkling water. This has helped improve my skin, and I have to say, water does amazing things to your skin.


So, this is my picture, about 2 days ago. You won’t believe what I have on. Seriously, no picture editing what so ever. In fact, no make up, except one thing. I have a darker eye shadow on from the Stila Soul Palette. Not even tinted moisturizer. This is me, bare faced, with only eye shadow on, at 10PM at night.

To say the least, I was amazed by what a few skincare products did to my skin. It’s motivating to see how my skin has changed because of a few added creams, but I think one big factor is drinking water. As you all know, these past few weeks have been intense, and even after writing the blog, I’m going back to the caves of studying. Yet, to see the improvement in my skin through this made me see that, while make up is good and all, skin care is a big deal. It’s no wonder why skin care is getting such a buzz and that it’s worthwhile to spend a little extra on skincare as opposed to make up products.

For those who some problem areas regarding your skin such as acne, eczema (which I had a pretty bad case of when I was a kid), and other areas of concern, I do recommend seeing a dermatolgist. They are a wealth of information, and sometimes, just trying skincare lines isn’t always the best option. I know for me, I had severe acne on my forehead, neck, and as mentioned above, pretty bad eczema on my face. I still have bad eczema, but it’s not so much on my face anymore, it’s on my arms and legs.

I wrote this blog to share about how I do see a need to take care of the skin as opposed to just slapping on makeup to cover up blemishes. My skin back then, with make up on, looked decent, but if I zoomed in, the blemishes of bad habits and not taking care of my skin is noticeable, and I don’t want to show unhealthy skin. I’d like to show healthy skin, and it’s why I wrote a blog about the importance of skin care. I think for me, by taking care of my skin, a little make up would just add to beauty. Simple beauty to me is elegance. If I can do a true no make up make up look by taking care of my skin for every day, hey…I’m all in. 🙂

Now, onto studying! >_<


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