On the go awesomeness

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

With Memorial Day and summer coming up, I wanted to do a blog about on the go items. Last year, I traveled a bit for work, outings with friends, and one day trips. With that said, I’m sure there are many people who will be traveling during these next few months. I don’t perceive myself traveling that much during the summer months (although I really want to), however, just because I’m not, doesn’t mean others aren’t. So, whether you are going on a road trip, jet setting to other countries, or going on a business trip, this is the blog for you.

Pinterest has offered me many travel hacks that I found to be extremely useful. One of them, is keeping samples that I get when I make a purchase from places like Sephora or a department store. The other option that I’m not opposed to, use, but am not quite as fond of, is getting samples from these stores, and using them on the go. Hey, but, it’s an option, and I’m not going to deny that.

Beyond getting make up samples. One of the best things that I’ve discovered, moreso last year than ever, is bringing a palette of makeup. There are so many options out there! I will admit, that I am not like the many awesome Youtubers out there that have multiple palettes. In fact, I recently got my only “all in one” palette last year and have possess an eye shadow palette that is now 5 years old (yikes!). All my other makeup items are single items such as foundations, blushes, mascaras, etc. image


This is my only all in one palette that I have, and I travel with it everywhere. You can’t probably see it, but it’s very well used. I haven’t hit pan yet. However, I’m looking forward to it, so. Can get another palette. This is last year’s big hit Urban Decay’s Naked on the Run Palette. It comes with a travel sized Perversion mascara, 24/7 Glide eye linder in Stag, lip gloss, 5 eye shadows (2 mattes & 3 shimmer shades), one bronzer (medium shade), blush (pink), and a highlighter/eye shadow combo. I’m not a lip gloss kinda gal, so I gave it to my sister. I’ll replace that space with a lipstick, stain, or liquid cream instead.

I like palettes because it’s really easy to carry. This one is a hit for me, because it has a large mirror that I can use when putting on my make up. It has everything else at one place as well. All it’s missing is my face base (i.e. Foundation, Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream, whatever you put as a base), brushes/sponges, and finishing powder.

Other companies have palettes as well. The one I’m most interested in trying next (if it’s available at all), is some of Tarte’s newer palettes such as the ones below:

They’re available at Ulta only. However, so many make up companies have them. Even drugstore products have made palettes as well. Some will include face products only — highlighter, bronzer, and blush. Some will be like the above, where there is a blush and eye shadow.

If palettes aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Prior to palettes, I use to travel with tube like products. I don’t have it anymore, but I use to carry a tube of cream blush (Too Faced had one a long while ago, but obviously it’s over 5 years, so I don’t have it anymore). I’m also fond of Clinique’s sticks. In more recent years, Clinique has expanded their Chubby line beyond the eye cream crayons. They have blushes, contour, and foundation sticks too. I’ve tried them all, and I have to say, thumbs up to Clinique, because I love this line. I own multiple colors of their Chubby eye cream shadows, which I use to carry with me when I traveled.

Facial bases were hard, because they all were glass bottles. A lot of companies have come out with spring lines where foundation comes in a tube, so props to companies such as Nars for their newest foundation tint (found in Sephora or the Nars website). Other bases that I own and love to travel with are the following: Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer (which I own, love, use at home or on the go), Shiseido’s foundation stick in O60 (although it’s quite dark for me right now, Shisiedo’s cream to powder foundation in I40 (too light for me), and powder foundations by Bare Minderals or Tarte. It’s nice to carry something like these products because you don’t have to put these items into a smaller bottle when going through security checkpoints at the airport.

Setting sprays are also a plus, especially if you want your make up to last all day. For work, this is a must for me. Sometimes, I travel to humid places, so having something to ensure that my makeup won’t slide all over the place. I carry Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting spray in the travel size because I use it.

There you have it! Make up on the go!

Let me know if you want me to do a travel blog related to other things such as packing for business trips, luggage to use for short and long haul travels, etc.

Happy and safe travels everyone who will be traveling. As my aunt would say to me, that I now say to people who travel, Happy Landing! 🙂


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