FNP Students speaking the Truth

Hi everyone!

First off, I just want to say, Happy Memorial Weekend! For me, while I haven’t served in the military, I have several family members that have and I actually have colleagues and friends who are currently serving as active military personnel. Monday is a time to remember those who served bravely so that we as Americans are able to experience the many freedoms we do have, including what I’m doing right now — blogging. So for all those active duty, veterans, and retired/separated folks out there, thank you for your service. I am so appreciative of the many freedoms that I do have that I know many, even to this day, do not have, so thank you so much to all who served in the US military.

A week ago, I happen to come across a YouTube video that was inspiring for me. For those who follow my blog, you may know that I am applying to nursing schools at the moment and the insecurities that I had in making the decision to go back for a 2nd masters as a means to expand my career horizons. I haven’t mentioned really where I’ve applied to, but I will say this — I did apply to Samuel Merritt. 🙂

Way back when I just graduated from my undergrad studies, I applied twice to SMU’s program. Now, I’ll admit, back then, my academic performance was cringe worthy, and I regretted such a performance the day I got my diploma and went into postbac studies. Redemption was hard, but it has paid off in some ways. For instance, I was able to obtain my MPH (Masters in Public Health) from a very well known Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health. I’ve performed well from the day I graduated my undergrad studies till the day I got my MPH. Still, I’ve also done well while taking refresher courses at a top 10 university in the Bay Area while working full time.

It’s not to say that I don’t have my insecurities. I often think to myself — Is it enough? Will this be it? What happens if this is it; that I get accepted? What if I don’t get in? There are a lot of questions that run through my mind, but I know it’s a good path that I’m taking, whatever may come of it.

Going back to the video that I had seen (I believe I saw this on my Facebook, come to think of it). Samuel Merritt (@SamuelMerrittUniversity), puts out various videos about their programs, including tidbits such as the one below. I am so inspired and encouraged by this video, that I wanted to share it.

This video told me a few things. One of the more obvious ones, something I already knew is that it’s going to be one heck of an uphill climb (Go figure). What may not be as obvious to you, but to me, is that those who are speaking in this video are slightly older than your average recent grad having just completed their undergraduate studies. For me, when I see that these are folks who have gone through the program, I feel better and encouraged that it’s ok that I’m older and applying to a rigorous program and in many ways putting my life on hold for a bit. Again, if you follow my blog, doing something like this at my age is a bit scary. I’m sure I’m pushing it a bit, because hey, these days, there are many people getting more education, and they’re older, so I guess, I’m over-reacting? However, honestly, am I?

Needless to say, seeing this was encouraging to me. So as I pushed that button a few days back on NursingCAS to submit my application, the waiting period begins. Oh the drudgery…but hey, can I just say, what I wrote a few posts back about starting early? Good thing, because the story of transcripts has come true! One of the schools didn’t process my transcript at all and so now, 1 month prior to the deadline for SMU, I’m scrambling. Obviously, this was dealt with, so I’m hoping this will go out after the holiday, and NursingCAS will get it soon, so no more hindrances can come up. O_O

Anyhow, more blogs to come as this journey to becoming a provider continues! 🙂


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