Hey guys!

I’m trying to do multiple posts each week, in hopes to touch on various areas. My previous post was public health related, and now I’m going to do a beauty post.

First off, let me just say that I love YouTube vloggers. It’s been one of my more recent methods of determining what kinds of products are out there, what’s good/bad, recommendations, etc. So I really enjoy on whatever spare time I do have (which is minute right now), to watch and see what’s up and coming, good/bad, etc.

I do think that there are several vloggers out there who have shown their collection. If my computer can do emoljis, it would be the one with the wide eye smiley face, because, that’s a lot of make up. Like, a lot. However, it’s their job, as many are vloggers full time, and some are make up artists. So, it’s incredibly understandable as to why several bloggers have that much make up.

However, for us folks who aren’t vloggers, make up artists, make up aficionados, can I ask if we have just as much or need to buy just as much make up?

It’s to no surprise, a few years back, I came across an article posted by InStyle Magazine about how much women buy make up. According to the article, women will spend about $15,000 in her lifetime purchasing make up (http://www.instyle.com/beauty/15-under-15-best-bargain-beauty-products). That’s the price of a car. It’s also down payment on a house (perhaps not in the Bay Area). As you can see, that’s at lot of money.

A more recent article I came across through Yahoo, discussed how NOT to waste your money on make up that was on Good Morning America (https://gma.yahoo.com/not-waste-money-makeup-121805838–abc-news-fashion-and-beauty.html). According to the article — American women will spend $16 billion (yes, BILLIONS not MILLIONS) on cosmetics. At Walnut Creek, in a “man on a street” type fashion survey, some women responded that they’d have ” “25,” “45,” “50,” with one woman confessing to makeup hoarding with 75 products in her bathroom cabinet” (https://gma.yahoo.com/not-waste-money-makeup-121805838–abc-news-fashion-and-beauty.html). It’s becoming clear that us women, we’ve got a make up problem (and it’s not using too much either).

The author of the article notes that most women use about 10 products daily. Which is interesting because women have twice or more than that. Perhaps it’s the need for variety, but it seemed interesting that we have so much cosmetic product when we absolutely don’t use that much of it. In fact, I’m pretty sure, we throw away many products when they get old or we fall out of love.

I recently did a small haul on the Nyx Cosmetics website. I’ve been dying to try their soft matte creme lipsticks, and interestingly enough, I don’t have any contouring/bronzing products. So, I saw a sale and purchased a few things. One thing was on sale, the others were not. As I sat and looked at my 5 item purchase, I couldn’t help but feel like it’s a lot, given my current make up collection.

What I purchased at Nyx…and yes, I purchased the Real Techniques set (I’ve eyed this for 1 year, and saw it on sale on Amazon) 

As many of you all know, I’m a minimalist when it comes to make up, but I like to venture and try new things. So I looked at what I have and in many ways I was quite embarrassed by the amount of make up that I have. It’s not as much as Vloggers, but I would say that I do own over 10 make up products (excluding skincare). Bases alone, I think I counted like 7 things if not more. So I guess I’m one of those women who owns about 25 items of make up. Crazy? I’m embarrassed to say, yes, I’m one of those women.

It made me think and reflect for the moment, on why I have that much. Most of my purchases were barely a year old. Did it start because I started watching youtube? Did I fall into the craze of “I need this/that?” Whatever the reason was, I knew that such needed to be curbed. After all, why spend hard earned money on items that I may throw away later right? We all work hard or will be working hard for money. Thus, we ought to spend it wisely.

Feel free and take a look at that 2nd article on how to not waste money on make up, because I think GMA is getting on to something here and I’m glad that they’re willing to call out the fact that women often times do spend a crazy amount on make up (me included). However, that’s not to say that it’s something that I shouldn’t buy. In fact, I’m pretty proud of my make up collection and how I’m using these products.

With that said, I wanted to add a few ways to save on make up rather than over haul or have so much and it all goes down the drain — money wise as well as product.

  1. Do your research — I had an aquaintance, who upon graduating from college spent $100 on make up at a local ulta store. Now, back then, being the ‘I’m not going to wear make up type,’ responded — “Are you crazy?” However, looking back, it was her first make up purchase, and all the products were Bare Minerals (I heart them by the way). The products consisted of your basics — foundation, blush, bronzer, shadows, eye liner. Thinking about the cost, I would say, not bad, especially as us women were heading into the world of work. I think if I had to go back in time, I’d tell her it was a pretty good purchase. She needed it for work, it was the basics, and it was money that probably was well worth spending. So, I’ll say this in a nutshell. If you need it, figure out what to look out for; don’t simply buy because a color looks awesome in the bottle/case/on a model.

How to do research on products

  • YouTube: Like I said, if I need to know what’s out there, I’ll look and see who is using what, and what they think about it. For example: I’ve been trying to check out liquid foundations, and since I know I can’t use a drugstore type, I went on Youtube to see what others are using that are higher end. I have a few I’m looking at, and I have these products to look out for.
  • Reviews: Check out bloggers and online reviews. I’ll admit, this is not always the easiest, because as individuals we all are different. We have different skin complexions, issues, tones, etc. We’re all made differently, which means, we all have different reactions to different products. However, if there are majority praises/complaints about a product, those are things that I do look out for.
  • Ask friends/acquaintances who have tried it and see how they feel about it. Do they like it? Do they say it’s eh…What’s the price range and their thoughts? Would they repurchase when they hit pan? All good ways to determine if a product is worth buying or not.

2. Sampling: Now this is different from what GMA is talking about (i.e. monthly samples sent to you). When you find a product that you’re intending to purchase, try it out. One of the saddest things is you buy a product, try it out, doesn’t work, and you return it. Of course you get your money back, but it’s time wasted. Not only that when you buy without sampling the product first, you miss out on wondering how it works on you. For instance, I’m really looking into Hourglass’ Immaculate Foundation. Have I purchased it yet? No. However, I did go to Sephora, asked how to use the foundation, and a sample in the two shades that she recommended to try it. I wore it briefly and during an 8 hour work day to see how it works.

3. Save up — if you know you are planning on spending money on some cosmetic purchases, make it a goal to save up to spend on these items. Don’t purchase on a whim and think to yourself, I’m going to use it, so I’m justifying the purchase. Don’t even buy once and return it either — it’s a pet peeve of mine…don’t buy once, use it, and return it (That’s just plain cheap!!! Clothes are included in this for all my readers who do that).

4. Wait for the discount dates — Nordstroms is currently having their semi-annual sale, where things are cheaper. Sephora has dates in February and November. Ulta has months where each day they have some make up product on sale. These sales exist, and sometimes, it’s worth the wait. Now, how do you buy something meant for the spring/summer when I’m purchasing in the fall? Good question. Guess what my current dilemma is right now – my bases are too light. I normally don’t get THAT dark, but because of recent ventures where I’m outdoors, I’m about 1-2 shades darker. Painful right? Does that mean I go out and purchase a new base? As tempting as it is right now to find a new powder foundation/tinted moisturizer that’s my color, the answer is no. I’ll wait till later in the fall/winter to buy when Sephora probably as a discount (Macy’s will you have one?). 😉 What I will do though, is find a shade that will match me right now (i.e. my darker shade). That way, I’ll know exactly what to buy when I find a sale. This will help me to not only save money, but also a discipline to purchase on a whim simply because I need something darker. In the mean time, I’m going to use a bronzer to darken up my face to create a sun kissed glow.

Looking at what I’ve mentioned, I want to allude that this isn’t simply for higher end or mid-ranged purchases. This does also include drugstore products as well. After all, the statistic that women spend $16 Billion on cosmetics doesn’t exclude drug store products. I do think as women we are very obsessed with how we look. Men have mentioned in articles that they’re often shocked by how much make up women use and would prefer seeing a woman in her natural beauty. The thing is, let’s stop overhauling make up, and let’s get back to the bare basics and necessities. If we need it, that’s when we ought to buy it. Let’s utilize our hard earned wages towards other things that we can enjoy or utilize to help others.

Does this mean I’m going to stop purchasing make up? No. In fact, I’ve got some fun blogs planned ahead relating to makeup including reviews of items I’ve used for quite some time that I think are good products to have (ex: Urban Decay’s Naked on the Run Palette take a look at my On the Go Awesomeness blog). I’m simply asking, as women, let’s not keep running out to buy more make up if we have it.

Have a good weekend for all those who are going out into the sun! Wear sunscreen! (Good purchase!;) )


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