Forum Anxiety

Hi guys!

Happy Hump Day!

I have to admit, today, I am exhausted. I’m not sure if it’s because I started taking an accelerated summer class after an 8 hour work day or a lack of sleep due to several commitments that I have where I’m up earlier in the mornings. Anywho, before I go into study mode for a few hours, I figured I’d blog a bit on what I did during a 10 minute work break.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I turned in my NursingCas a week ago, and as of now, all things seem to be going to the schools I’ve applied to. I have one more application to put in. However, that one won’t come out till August, so I’ve got a lot of time till then. So, while on my 10 minute break, I went onto a familiar forum that I had ventured to a while ago when I had just graduated from college, and it’s called the All Nurses Forum.

Before I go into this notion of Forum Anxiety, let me just say, that the All Nurses Forum has tons of information. Everything from latest laws passed, ObamaCare, schools, rotations…you want to know, best place too look. In the past, I’ve often utilized this forum to find out information that may not be readily available from a school I’ve applied to or meeting potential classmates, etc.

Since I’ve submitted my application, I couldn’t help myself and decided to check out and see if there are any forums related to the schools that I’ve applied to. There were none yet (no I didn’t start one), but there were a bunch of forums on the application process of the previous cycle. I started reading through them wanting to see the chain. Again, got some good info such as when potential interview dates are, waitlist situations, acceptance and Facebook pages, etc, so the information acquired is vast.

However, it brought on a lot of anxiety as well. For instance, a few students’ didn’t have their application reviewed by a school I’m applying to due to late transcript submissions (not on the school’s or applicant’s fault), since they finished a class the semester before. Can I just say that my heart palpated a bit faster when I read that. While all my prereqs are complete, I’m taking a refresher course since let’s face it, when you haven’t taken Anatomy and Physiology A&P) for about 8 years…time to get a review, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, I freaked out, because right now, this very moment, I’m taking an Anatomy class till end of July. Obviously, I’m submitting a rush for my transcript app, I already decided that, but still, I freaked out internally.

Then there’s the question everyone wants to know — GPA, Healthcare Experience, etc. Now, I meet all the requirements for the programs I applied to. It’s still intimidating when you see just how well so many people do. GPAs of 4.0s, Healthcare Experience as this and that, and I ponder to myself, is what I have enough? Now, I did under average as an undergraduate. I did incredibly well as a post bac student (Didn’t get in at the time), and I did exceptionally well as a grad student. So obviously, I learned from my undergrad days. But still, I can’t help but wonder if what I did was enough. There’s no need to talk about healthcare experience, because I have plenty (I have been in healthcare since I graduated college).

The more I read, the more I started worrying. I think it’s safe to say for me, that as much as I love All Nurses Forum, I think I’ll stay away from this for a bit. Even when it’s time for interviews and all, for my mental and emotional sake, I think it’s best to avoid such channels that can cause a great deal of anxiety. I think it will be hard though, because I’m the kind of person who typically likes to say “I want to know!”

I’m sure there are plenty of blogs and forums out there. I think they’re all really useful and provide insight that may not normally be found on school webpages or even friends you may have in a program. I know I’ve learned from them, even today, when I looked on All Nurses, I learned a few things that I didn’t think about (When I applied, there was no such thing as NursingCas at the time) and need to follow up on. However, I want to let all those who are applying to grad school, that as helpful as these forums are, if you’re the kind who worries, these are not the forums for you. Check them out before applying to learn and take notes, but once that app is in, I think it’s best to perhaps stay clear from them. Who knows, even when you’re invited to interviews, you’ll get an opportunity to meet potential classmates there. All I’m saying is this — forums can be helpful and they can be not helpful. I for now, will not be looking at a forum for a while.


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