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Happy weekend! Go Warriors for winning Game 3!!

So, a while ago, I was having a conversation with someone about writing a blog as opposed to vlogging (video log/diary). So, I thought I’d share my own views on why I am choosing to write a blog instead of vlogging on YouTube.

When I think of vlogging, I think about the need to carry some sort of camera around. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, or even a smaller camera, from a practical standpoint, I think it’s something that’s quite impractical. In addition, it’s still a foreign area to me, where I want to document for the entire world to see what goes on in my day. Most vloggers that I’ve seen share their life, and a lot of it may be jet setting to a new city domestically or internationally, they share their personal lives, and I find that this isn’t me. I’m not the kind of person who likes to share what’s going on in my life, where my face is plastered on a video channel.

Secondly, I’m a blabber mouth. Despite being introverted, sometimes, when I start talking about something I care about, I don’t know when I’m going to stop. This can be make up, fashion, public health, my journey applying to grad school, etc. I’m sure people don’t want to hear a 20 minute video on a topic. I mean that’s going to be boring. Heck, I get bored if I have to watch a 20 minute make up tutorial sometimes on YouTube, so the conclusion I’m trying to make is this — it’s not useful to me and to those who read my blogs.

Thirdly, I’ve done some video editing before and let me just say, it’s not easy. It takes hours to edit a very short 10 minute video. With that in mind, I find that I’m already limited in my time with a full time job, school, and grad school application. Can you imagine me starting a YouTube video now and be in grad school. That channel would not be updated very regularly.

So, why blog? First off, I started this blog because I realized that there aren’t very many people beyond those in larger nonprofit and profitable organizations talking about issues relating to public health. Recently, the Centers of Disease for Control and Prevention, American Diabetes Association, American Medical Association, and the Ad Council launched a huge campaign to bring awareness on the area of pre-diabetes. A lot of people know about Type 2 Diabetes. However, not very many people know about pre-diabetes, let alone know if they have it. (Please see a link below for more details). This campaign was suppose to go everywhere and one platform was social media. So, with my work in chronic disease prevention, I started looking. I hate to say it, beyond schools of public health, medical schools, hospital organizations, insurance companies, nonprofit organizations such as the American Public Health Association, and even a few pharmaceutical companies, there isn’t really a blogger or vlogger that talks about issues revolving public health. There are a lot of bloggers willing to talk about issues relating to government, democracy, etc, but not public health. In fact, at least in my area, has anyone seen any public service announcement, commercial on this campaign? I think…NOT.

Secondly, there are a lot of bloggers out there who blog about beauty and fashion, for us healthcare folks, not so much. I know us women in the public health and healthcare profession want to look beautiful but also be comfortable throughout the day as well. I’ll always remember, as an MA, there’s a pediatrician that I use to work with, and she was dressed to the 9’s. I loved her, not just for her knowledge in medicine, compassion for the patients and families she serves, but her fashion sense is just…she was like Dr. Addison Montgomery from Grey’s Anatomy ,heels and all. When I saw her, I was like wow! That’s a doc that loves fashion and isn’t afraid to look glamorous in a white coat. Now, I’m not her; not even close! But I love to see fashion forward women who cares how she looks as well as caring for her patients. I want to put it out there for those of us women in the profession to look good, feel good, and be people who care for our patients and our community.

Thirdly, I enjoy writing! It was a place for me in the beginning to share some of the things I cared about. I cared about public health, looking great despite our busy jobs, and I love real photography. Vlogging — you can’t really put up photos. Honestly, it’ll be a slide show, and I don’t get to share in writing about how such a picture when I first took it, is truly worth those thousand words. I feel like the art of writing is somewhat lost, and we’re so drawn to videos. I love them, but I love writing, and I think if there was a way and time to do both, I so would.

Vlogging has been such an influence in our culture today. I won’t deny that fact. I even go on YouTube to get tutorials for make up and reviews (as I mentioned in previous blogs). I also know many vloggers hold both a blog and YouTube channels. Yet, I just find, at this moment in time, that the benefits of blogging outweigh those of vlogging. That is why I’d rather blog than vlog. 🙂

Hope this all makes sense, and stay tuned, tomorrow, I have a make up tutorial called 5 on 5 — 5 products, 5 minutes, and a face of simple make up. Stay tuned!

Diabetes campaign:

Printable Posters (English)

Printable Posters (Spanish)


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