Intercession – The Wait is Real

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve submitted most of my applications on NursingCas for grad school. I recently applied to another school, so we’ll see what happens. Overall, with General Human Anatomy done, and the beloved waiting period begins. I do have to say, when I think about the timeline of schools… Continue reading Intercession – The Wait is Real

TGIF: 5-5 Outdoor Work Day Make Up

TGIF!!!!! Thank Goodness It’s Friday! Let me just say…I nearly didn’t want to write a post because I got traumatized by WordPress a few days back…when I somehow managed to mess up my work website (let’s just say — I didn’t crash it…I literally took material out and changed the website altogether. Sigh…) As my… Continue reading TGIF: 5-5 Outdoor Work Day Make Up

Monday Blues: 5-5 Work Make Up

We all have our not so awesome days. In fact, we down right have our bad days. Let’s be honest about that. Today, I had a not so great day at work & I also had a not so great makeup day either. I contemplated posting today, only because my face isn’t “flawless” with makeup.… Continue reading Monday Blues: 5-5 Work Make Up

Public Health Realities: Small Changes Prefaces Bigger Movement

If a department can’t agree on the formatting of business cards, let’s be honest, there’s no way that department can ever move towards bigger long term goals. Public health is hard work. It doesn’t matter where you are — the US, Canada, Europe, China, Australia. The fact of the matter is that public health was,… Continue reading Public Health Realities: Small Changes Prefaces Bigger Movement

TBT: Organized complexity

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! I realized I haven’t done a photo-blog in a while, and some of you guys are going to sigh with frustration, but, I can’t do a makeup blog right now because I’ve developed a cold sore on my chin, and it’s quite big. So…rather than cover it up with concealer and… Continue reading TBT: Organized complexity

Study Break Beauty

Hey guys, Taking a study break right now. I can’t believe that I’m half way through my accelerated general anatomy course. I honestly can’t wait for this to be over! It’s been quite a whirlwind, and I feel like each week, my brain is bombarded with anatomy. Which is good…it’s good for me…especially when I… Continue reading Study Break Beauty

5-5: No Foundation Make Up Look

Hey guys! Happy July 4th for those of you in the US! I know many of us are on vacation during this time of year, but I do want to at least take the time to acknowledge July 4th, because it is our Independence Day. Perhaps it’s watching a barely 20 minutes of the first… Continue reading 5-5: No Foundation Make Up Look