5-5: No Foundation Make Up Look

Hey guys!

Happy July 4th for those of you in the US! I know many of us are on vacation during this time of year, but I do want to at least take the time to acknowledge July 4th, because it is our Independence Day. Perhaps it’s watching a barely 20 minutes of the first episode of Turn that made me realize amongst other movies like the Patriot of what our independence took. So, Happy July 4th. šŸ™‚

I wanted to apologize for not writing too much lately. It’s been busy. I have to say, never again…will I take a 8 week general anatomy course at a top notch university again as a refresher course. I have to admit, it is quite intense, and I guess in a good way, I’ve been incredibly focused, so…if you’d like a blog about how I stay focused on studying for anatomy in 8 weeks, let me know…although I’m still in the midst of it. I don’t finish until the end of July, but I can share some tips that I’ve learned along the way. The key is that one needs to know…no matter what class you take, you learn new study techniques.

Anyhow, I wanted to do this blog on how you can create a no foundation make up look. I find that in the summer time, not a lot of us in the summer heat likes to wear a ton of make up. In fact, I think a good majority of us will prefer not to. I know many makeup companies are coming out with lightweight foundations (awesome!!), but I do like it when I get the opportunity to not have to wear foundation.

Excuse my frizzy hair… >_<

To start off, I’ve always been a big believer that make up can be used to enhance one’s looks. I know there are many other there who say differently and like that full face, but for me, my personal taste level is less is more. However, that’s not always the case. When I was a lot younger which was when I had a lot more to cover up (eczema, acne, pimples, zits, you name it), I had to wear a lot more product, particularly foundation. Those were the days where honestly, I didn’t wear that much make up because everything made my skin react. When my skin decided to calm down, I started playing around with makeup — first drug store, and when I got fed up with the itchy feeling of even sensitive skin makeup products, I switched to high end. But I’ve always been a believer of utilizing make up as an enhancer opposed to a mask to hide one’s true face.

So, this look that I did is a mix of drugstore and high end products. I will say, I still don’t use drugstore bases (primers, foundations, bb creams). However, I do own drugstore items — eyes, lips, blushes, even a base. So, here is what I used —

  1. Maybellene Age Rewind concealer in Medium (Yes…my one base product in drugstore, as well as the Maybellene Fit Me Concealer)
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills EyeBrow Gel in Espresso
  3. Nyx Full Throttle Cheek Contour Duo in Ginger & Pepper (For the blush, especially if you are my color skin tone or lighter, use a VERY VERY light hand….trust me, you’ll look like a clown if you don’t).
  4. Revlon’s Matte Balm in Sultry
  5. Shiseido’s Oil Free Bronzer in Light
My attempt to make my makeup look pretty… ^_^’ At least I made it look artsy while I’m studying…

That is how I created my easy no foundation look and I have to say, I like it! It’s easy and I did it in 5 minutes ! Did I wear this for work? No. Actually, if I had to be honest, during a study break, I put on some make up to test out the Revlon Matte Balm and practice using the Cheek Contour Duo. Essentially when I first tried it out, I looked like a clown. Literally, so I thought I’d practice with it. However, if I wanted to try this out for work, I think I would. I’d use a nude lip, lip stain, or tint alongside a translucent powder maybe, but overall, I’d give this a try for work or even a simple make up day look.

My next 5-5 (hopefully I’ll have time after this week since I have a midterm on the 5th (Yes…even my professor apologized…). Will be with my new Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation and Urban Decay’s Naked on the Run palette (A winter palette for a summer look, oh yeah!)…stay tuned for that!

Also, it’s July 1…and guess what that means….Samuel Merritt’s Entry Level Masters in Science in Nursing application for Sacramento is due. Mine is in…crossing fingers, because now, the waiting game begins. I’ll update all you nursing prospectives on how that turns out. šŸ™‚

See ya!!


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