TBT: Organized complexity

Hey guys!

Happy Thursday! I realized I haven’t done a photo-blog in a while, and some of you guys are going to sigh with frustration, but, I can’t do a makeup blog right now because I’ve developed a cold sore on my chin, and it’s quite big. So…rather than cover it up with concealer and loads of foundation, I’m letting it breath and heal.

I’m so sorry guys, especially those who are waiting, I was so ready and then after class last week, I felt this tingling feeling on my chin..and I’m like…NOOOOOooooooo…I knew what it was, and I knew it wasn’t a pimple growing, so…please be patient. I’ll definitely post a make up blog soon!

Back to the photo-blog. So, I decided to do a #throwbackthursday type of photo-blog because I came across this picture I took about 3 years ago, when I was on vacation in Japan, specifically, near the Kobe area. I want to say that I picked up photography when I was in college, when I saw what photographers could do with a camera, and it was when digital cameras were the rage in the early 2000s. So, I purchased my first digital camera, and it was a Sony. When that broke, I bought a Sony Cybershot basic point and shoot camera, and this picture is from just that — a point and shoot camera.

I’ve grown since then, although I still have this digital camera. I’ve been such a fan of Sony’s camera, particularly their Zeiss lens alongside their other lens (I now own the Alpha 5000) that as much as I love my pictures now, I have to say, going back to this picture and the point and shoot camera I had, I realized that the quality of the camera is one thing (in fact, it’s quite important). However, I’m reminded that it’s also about skill of the individual as well — the eye that one has when they see something.

Now, I’m not an experienced photographer by far. By far! However, the one in a million shots like this remind me of how one can achieve what they want if they’re willing to practice with a camera. When I saw this above me when I was traveling, my first thought was how architecturally beautiful it was (It’s a train station), yet how complex it is. Can you imagine, having to construct such a massive domed metal structure as this hundreds of feet up? It was beautiful, complex, yet so structured, and I wanted to capture this with my little basic camera at the time.

Needless to say, when I saw this picture again, I was brought back to the time when I was there, looking up while traveling up a rather long escalator. It was simply amazing to see something like that and I thought I’d share with you all a blast from the past. 🙂

So…next week is my version of hell week unfortunately — two exams (all for one class). The 3rd midterm and the final, with one day in between, so….if you don’t see a post from me…I’m probably studying…although, who knows…I may do a study break blog of some sort….as a break, because who can study 24-7 after work right? Right!

For all you public health junkies…I’m actually formulating a drafted blog, so stay tuned…because this is one that’s related with all recent events in the US as well as more so on a local level. Stay tuned!


Peace out and stay safe everyone! It’s a crazy world out there these days… >_<



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