TGIF: 5-5 Outdoor Work Day Make Up

TGIF!!!!! Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

Let me just say…I nearly didn’t want to write a post because I got traumatized by WordPress a few days back…when I somehow managed to mess up my work website (let’s just say — I didn’t crash it…I literally took material out and changed the website altogether. Sigh…) As my boss said “There goes 3 years of work.” >_<….Can I please hide under a rather giant rock for the next 3 years….I’m hoping our contractors can pull a back up from this…otherwise..I’m hiding from my boss…for now.

So…Today I got to table for a health fair today to promote some of our work that we do and I figured, what an awesome rebound/redemption for Monday’s 5-5 makeup blah….


So here I am, in my car prior to sitting outside under a tent for several hours.

When one has to work outdoors in the heat, I honestly will try to wear as little make up as possible. The more you put on, the more it will either melt off or cake up. Knowing my skin complexion (oily), I decided to use all powdery products.

Products used:

  1. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation (Fair-Light Honey)
  2. Tarte’s gel eyeliner in brown
  3. Shiseido’s Oil Free Bronzer in Light
  4. Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso
  5. L’Oreal’s Glossy Balm in Lovely Mocha


Prior to putting all these items on, I did what is “standard” in the make up world — moisturize (using Shiseido’s Pureness Oil-free Moisturizer) and put on SPF (Shiseido’s Urban Sun Environment Oil Free UV Protector; SPF 42). It’s not only an important step, but it’s also helpful that these products are both oil free, so when I’m outside during the day, with sweat and all, this can help my makeup stay on slightly longer. After this, I primed my face with Body Shop’s Wonderblur primer to help smooth out pores. I did not use concealer for this look, because I find that when I use powder foundation, sometimes using concealer doesn’t look right.

One awesome trick that I will say that I learned though on YouTube through Sharima, which is two YouTube vloggers — Karima McKimmie and Sharon Farrell (On Karima McKimmie’s channel : is if you put on eye primer right where your sunglasses or glasses sits on the bridge of your nose, it will allow your foundation to stay put on your nose and not rub off. So, that’s one thing that I did. Neat right?!

So after prepping my face (I’m serious, it does take me 5 minutes to do all this), using a dense round top kabuki brush. I don’t tape it into the cloth mesh like I normally would. To be honest, because I already know that I’m going to be outside, I actually will use a very light layer of this. The more you put on, the more cakey you’ll get when you start sweating. I buff in about 1 layer (light) over my face. I added probably 1/2 of an extra layer near my T zone since I do have pores there.

Next, I’ll use my Shiseido bronzer on to create a really light contour. I don’t really need to bronze my face since I am a bit warmer toned. But I do want to warm up my skin slightly so that it doesn’t look one dimensional.

I add a very light layer of Milani’s Luminoso blush. I LOVE this blush! Absolutely love! It’s a June purchase of mine since my Bare Mineral’s powder blush in Vintage Peach and Urban Decay’s blush (in Urban Decay’s Naked) isn’t quite the natural blush that I’m looking for. Vintage Peach is close, and I was going to use this, but I just felt like it didn’t have that pigment I wanted out of a blush. I love it, but I think I’ll use this on other occasions where I don’t need it to stay on in “extreme” conditions like 90 degree outdoor weather for several hours (I can’t say that my situation is extreme, only because I know that there are many who work in a lot harsher conditions, so…can’t complain). The reason for adding a light layer is because I naturally blush like crazy! Given this, I know that adding the normal amount of blush that I would when staying indoors all day, when I’m going outside would…essentially make me look like a clown. Great for maybe an Instagram photo, but not for outdoor situations where you’re talking to people. You want them to be engaged on what you’re saying..not your makeup.

For the eyes, I skipped eye shadow. For those of you who don’t know me, me and eyeshadows, we just don’t get along in the heat. I have oily lids, even with the best eye primers (Nars being my favorite). Cream eye shadows sting my eyes after a few hours of wear. Essentially, eye shadows are really reserved for special occasions as well as days when I’m more indoors. I wish my eyelids weren’t so oily because, I’ve been practicing…and I think I’m getting the hang of the smokey eye.

So, eyeliner it is — a simple eye make up look. For eye liner, I’m using Tarte’s gel eye liner. I own this in both black and brown, and this stays on pretty well. It does run, but it’s not that bad. I don’t look like I had a crying session. In fact when it runs, it adds a slight tint on my bottom lash line, which is kind of neat because it’s like an automatic water line for me. So..less work! 🙂 My drug store fav for gels is Maybelline (Loreal’s gel liner unfortunately runs for me; you want emo girl with lots of bottom lash liner, this one does it. Love their pencil liner though in Carbon Black and Brown) as well as the Nyx Tres Jolie eye retractable eye pencil (currently own only in black). I could use my Nars liquid eye liner in Koala, but, I felt like a gel liner. What can I say….

For my Lips, I went with a glossy balm by L’Oreal. Now this has been discontinued with newer products. I do own what’s still part of their permanent line, the Colour Riche Balm in Tender Mauve (Or simply Mauve), and it’s pretty similar. The Glossy Balm gives me a “My Lips But Better” color along with a gloss. I’m not really into glossy lips, but this is the exception because surprisingly, I really like how this looks on me. Once I’m out, I will be on the hunt to replace this and I’ve got a few in the running (Nude Stix, Bite Beauty, and..if Rimmel is going to bring it to the US, their new lipstick line that I’ve been seeing on YouTube in Australia– the Rimmel Sheer and Shine Lipstick).

I then spritzed Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray on. Rather than cake on a layer of translucent powder, I decided to use this to make sure my make up is set in place (thus the reason it’s a setting spray). This has lasted me for several hours before, and let’s hope that it does in tomorrow’s heat. I am thinking about purchasing a travel sized version of the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray, for when I have days where I am a grease ball. For those of you have tried this…let me know how you like it.

I did think about doing my brows…and I guess because I’ve hit my 5 product limit in terms of “make up” I didn’t do my brows. My brows are fairly full, so I decided to forego the brow and instead do a lip. Let me know what you guys think and what you guys do for a look like this….I mean, it can go either way. Do you prefer eye brows or lips? First world problems I tell you….

Now, what are some things that I’m bringing with me for the outdoors? Here’s what I’m bringing —

  • Shiseido’s Urban Environment Oil Free UV Protector (Just because you SPFed your face once, doesn’t mean you’re excused from doing it again, especially in the outdoors).
  • Body SPF (Need I say more?)
  • Daiso’s Sumi Face Paper (aka blotting sheets) — These are amazing!!

And there you have it! This is my simple 5-5 make up look for a work day in the outdoors. Hopefully a redemption for the mediocre Monday make up that I posted.

After a few hours in the heat…Not bad!

I really like this look, because it blends higher end products with drugstore brands. I know many people tend to stay one way or the other. For me, there are certain products that I’ll save up and buy higher end (i.e. foundations, concealers, etc), but I do reach for certain drugstore brands. I’m not really a lip person, so I’ve got more drugstore lip products and 1 higher end lip product. Other drugstore products I own include mascara, eye liner, and blushes. So I wanted to show you that you can blend a mixture of products together. I am a loyal Shiseido fan, so sorry for my bias when it comes to wearing so many products by them. Love them!

For all you potential grad students out there, stay tuned for a post on school supplies and waiting to hear back from schools!

See ya!



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