Dare to go Bare?

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday!

So today, I did something that I actually do a lot more often than expected and perceived given how many blog posts I put up about beauty and make up. I don’t think it’s quite a shocker, but it may be for some who wears make up every day.

I decided today to go bare. That’s right, I went to work without make up. It isn’t a no make up make up look. Rather, I was totally bare faced, no make up. The only thing that I do have on is my normal skincare routine and lip balm.

So why did I go make up free? Or perhaps the question is — how often do I do this? I often go make up free about 2-3 days a week, sometimes more. The reason why I don’t always wear make up is 1) Give my face a rest and 2) When you do wear some make up whether you’re someone who wears a great deal or someone of lower maintenance, it doesn’t surprise other people in a negative way.

Let’s face it — how many women out there, when they don’t wear make up, get comments such as “Are you ok? You look sickly.” or “Did you do something different?” I think a lot of girls and the wonders of YouTube has sparked a fairly wide trend that women ought to wear make up. That’s not to say that there are occasions and times when we have to. Let’s face it, I have to on certain days. Everyone ought to have some form of make up. However, that’s not to say that I agree that we ought to wear make up all the time. I just don’t think it’s necessary. In fact, I’m glad that people don’t really notice at times when I don’t wear make up and the times when people realize I have some make up on. Sometimes people won’t notice either way and you know what? I actually like that. I like how people sometimes can’t tell when I’m wearing some make up or not.

So what is my skincare routine minus makeup? I will wear moisturizer and sunscreen. Today I wore Body Shop’s Wonderblur, but other than that, I walked out of the house just like that.

I think was thinking a lot about how, a month ago back, musician Alicia Keys started the No Makeup Movement (#nomakeup) and I personally applaud her for it. I don’t think it’s necessary for women to wear make up every day. I love how I look when I don’t wear make up, and when I do, it’s not caked on. Some people like it, but for me, it takes away from one’s natural beauty. There are some who need it. When I was a lot younger, I had to wear that full coverage foundation because I had blemishes to hide and I was performing. Like I said, there’s a time and place for make up. Make up for me has always been to emphasize some of the best parts of one’s face.

My 5-5 make up (5 products, 5 minutes a day) series really is about how one can look good with make up using a decent amount of time. Honestly, if I needed to wear a “full face” of make up, may be my wedding day (future) and if I honestly really needed it for some event or another. Otherwise, on my day to day look, I’m perfectly satisfied with using 5 or less products.

So, do you dare to go bare? Because I do. I’m also perfectly fine with it. Does that mean I don’t like make up. Absolutely not. As I say, I use it to accentuate my face. I don’t use it to cover up.

Power to Alicia Keys for starting the movement. I hope others will try it out even if it’s one day. You never know…you may just change the culture around you with regards one’s looks, appearance, and make up.




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