TBT: Hong Kong’s Natural Stomping Ground

A photography throw back Thursday!!

I made a comment recently after watching the Chinese News, about how a reporter in Hong Kong was interviewing some folks was standing in a very large open area with a decent sized plot of grass. Rather than pay attention to the actual report itself, I had to turn to other family members and ask the question: Where in Hong Kong, is there that much room for that much grass besides a soccer field, gym, or privately owned field?

For those who really want to know what gentrification really looks like, one just has to go to China — Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing…any big urban city….none compares in the world. Literally…not even New York. The point is, the population of most of these cities are so big, that finding pieces of land where there is nature is hard.

In Hong Kong, there are still places like this. In the downtown area, there is the Hong Kong Park which features it’s own zoo, a museum, plenty of walking space, and this beauty here that my sister and I saw while we were walking.

Honestly, we were still jet lagged and having been up at like 5AM in the morning and while we didn’t have to meet up with family till like 10, we took to the streets of Hong Kong by taking the MTR to visit Hong Kong Park. We haven’t visited this place since we were really young, so being able to visit it was pretty awesome. We were definitely looking at it with a new lens and we definitely had our adventure trying to find the place given our lack of smart phone cellular data usage (Hello Roaming…no to Roaming except for emergencies).

So, here we are with our cameras (yes we each had one). At the time, surprisingly, my sister had a very good camera, it was a step up from your normal point and shoot. She uses a Canon, which in my opinion makes very excellent cameras. I still had at the time, my point and shoot Sony camera. I do have to say though, for a point and shoot camera, this little guy still captures some quality shots. Of course it doesn’t come as good quality as a DSLR or my current Sony go to. However, I have to say that the Sony point and shoot captures what I want without me having to carry a larger bag of camera equipment.

Due to gentrification, which in Asian has existed in my opinion for decades, green space is prime real estate for many other types of development, particularly housing or even businesses. To see that a park this size in the heart of Hong Kong Island, really is a treasure and worthy of checking out if you get a chance to go to Hong Kong. Beyond the food, the culture, the landmarks, and shopping (gasp), I really want you to really check out the Hong Kong Park. You can get there in all modes of transportation — MTR (subway), bus, taxi, and it’s a bit of a walk, but even the electric rail (think of this as the San Francisco cable car). Be prepared to walk, because you are definitely going to find some very interesting things there. 🙂

Stay tuned for some more throw back Thursday type of posts and hopefully soon (crossing fingers) more photographs!



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