5-5: Make Up Cover Up

Hey guys!

Happy Friday!

I’m certainly GLAD that it’s Friday!

So why did I create such a title for today’s 5-5?

While it’s been a busy week, it’s also been a tough week since I’ve been fighting a bit of a cold. I’m always surprised when I get sick in odd times because normally, I am like everyone else, who gets the cold or flu in the fall or winter seasons. Here I am…fighting a cold. What luck I guess! So..when I’m sick, it’s safe to say that I don’t want to spend a lot of time on make up, Yet, I know that I need to wear some to cover up the ickiness of the cold that I’m fighting. Each day is different, some days, I’ll walk out the door with Body Shop’s WonderBlur and tinted balm (alternative is mascara and tinted brow gel). Other days, I’ll put on bronzer and a touch of Tarte’s foundation powder. Finally there are days where I’ll put on a bit more because I’m feeling better.

Anyway, my nose is fairly raw from being the leaky faucet that it is so what do I do to help cover up the flakiness of that nostril area? First off, as much as I hate to admit that it’ll be there when you’re blowing your nose or wiping away snot that seems to just leak out of there whenever it feels like, try putting on a light layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor to help moisturize this area. I will say, that when your nose is as leaky as mine, I had to take a few OTC items to ensure that it wasn’t a full leakage scenario when I go to meetings. Needless to say, I wasn’t talking very much at these meetings this week.

Other than that, I definitely needed a bit more coverage than what I would normally wear, particularly the under eye area. This meant that there was a need for a bit more concealer. With that said, I still tried to use a lighter coverage base to compensate for the extra layers of concealer I did have to wear.

So, what in the world is my 5-5 Make Up Series? I will choose 5 products that I will use for the day, in which I’ll spend about 5 minutes on my make up. I like very simplistic on the go make up for work and casual days. However, when one is under the weather, I must say, that a little bit of creativity to hide that you’re sick is needed.

I used this for today:

  1. Benefit’s Erase Paste in Medium
  2. Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer in Medium (Yes…Sand is a bit too light for me..trying to work this though….)
  3. Shiseido’s Tinted Moisturizer in Medium
  4. Urban Decay’s Bronzer from their Naked on the Run Palette
  5. Maybelline’s Falsies Mascara


Let me just say that I nearly wanted to throw out Benefit’s Erase Paste. I literally tried to use this product with a brush, my fingers, a triangle sponge (wet and dry), and I could not use this for the life of me! I’m not a believer of throwing product away…it has to be incredibly bad for me to say, it’s going into the trash. I asked so many people on how to wear the product and each way didn’t seem to work..but…I can now say, I’ve finally figured out (not mastered, just..figured out) how to use the Erase Paste. Real Techniques, let me just say, you saved this product from being thrown out….because it was close…

So, I had to use an under eye corrector prior to concealer because I had pretty dark circles under the eyes. I wasn’t sleeping as well as normal since my nose was stuffy, so you know…you make it work when you need to make it work…and since I figured out how to use it..no time like the present.

I applied a very light amount to my under eye area, particularly near the inner eye corner, where the dark circles are very evident. I’ll use a damp Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to even out the corrector before I apply a layer of Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer. I love this concealer as much as Maybelline’s Age Rewind concealer.

I do have to say this about concealers and undereye correctors — it’s probably more of an admission. I suck at using these products. I repeat, I suck at using concealers/correctors…I don’t know if it’s because I want it to look as natural as it can be without showing my circles, but it ends up looking cakey for some reason and the worst part about concealers, no matter how much I put powder under my eyes, it is still oily…so, just honestly putting it out there that I am a total amateur when it comes to concealers/under eye correctors. However, I think these are important products to have, I’m simply continuing the art of putting this on. So…if you ever wonder why I don’t use it often, this is why…it’s hard…

After applying these two products, I then will move on to the Shiseido Tinted Moisturizer. I don’t go for this as often as I did, especially when I purchased my Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer. I recently tried this on Sunday during a family outing, and I felt like it was a rediscovery. The shade matched my tanner summer skin more than the Laura Mercier. In addition, I felt like after a light powder, this tinted moisturizer didn’t have that oily feel that I sometimes get with Laura Mercier, which was interesting to me. I was out and about in places that were way too impacted for an introverted girl like me, so to feel great and not have to touch up, is an absolute plus for me. When I started loving Laura Mercier, I actually took the Shiseido Tinted Moisturizer off my repurchase list, however, I think I will now add it back, given that it’s such a great purchase and I had loved it for a few years. ^_^’ So, this is my go to for today and who knows…maybe future 5-5’s?

When one is sick, your face just appears a bit more sallow, and while a corrector could be the answer to this, I honestly just use a base and a good bronzer to warm up my face. You all know me…clean and a light base is my way to go….a corrector is an additional layer, and it will take me more than 5 minutes if I have to fiddle around with that, so…I’ll pass on the corrector. I decided to use a darker and warmer bronzer, which is why I’ve pulled out the Naked on the Run to use the bronzer here. Using a fluffy brush, I used this to warm up my face, particularly near the cheek bones and forehead.

I topped off my look with eyes by using Maybelline’s Falsies. Without having to curl my lashes, it gives me volume and length. Curling my eyelashes, adds the umf to the look. I debated whether I wanted to do eyes or lips and decided with eyes. The reason for this is that I looked tired (lack of sleep). Secondly, when you’re sick, don’t you just want to stay home? While I have enough sick hours to stay home for the day, there was something I needed to do and so essentially, I had to be there…what I should have done was perhaps take a sick day earlier in the week when I really felt like bleh….but looking at my schedule and looking back at when I really felt like bleh….it was hard..there was so much to do…and it’s just one of those times in the year where I think it’s hard…could I have done so, yes…I’m sure people wouldn’t mind I take a sick day or two.

So here’s the final look!


I know I didn’t talk about it much, let alone my entire blog, but when you’re sick, the way you look is only one piece of the pie. What you wear is equally important. Luckily, most of this week was internal meetings that allowed me to dress slightly down. This meant business casual to casual all the way. For certain days, because I teach classes, I dressed casual because dressing up for such occasions would have put a barrier between participants of the class and the lifestyle coaches, so for class days, I’m actually dressed down. Next week, let’s just say there are more moments of dressing up, so if you guys want to see pictures of some fashion staples let me know. I’ve been staying clear of this, only because I need to improve picture quality on these outfits, so….didn’t want to post something that wasn’t worthy of posting. That doesn’t mean I can’t blog about what I like, it’s just not as interactive without pictures so…that’s why I haven’t posted much on this. But let me know for those out there in the professional world if you still want me to blog about fashion. I’ve got some great shoe reviews and staples that I have in my wardrobe or tips on how to shop good clothes at quality prices so leave a comment if you want to see more fashion-y type of blogs.

Again, glad it’s Friday! I can rest up and recuperate. Have a great weekend guys!


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