Personal Tagging: Skate Park Personalized Design

Happy Sunday!

I recently had an opportunity to go to a park for a health fair (where I was recruiting for health education classes), I discovered this skate park where many youth often go to skate. It’s looks to be an awesome park. While I don’t skateboard or roller blade, when I saw this empty skate park and how much tagging was on it, it was something that I was personally drawn to.

When I was in high school, a skate park was built in a local park where I had lived, and it wasn’t taken well. Some of the arguments included that it would bring a rag tag group of youth, that it would make the park unsafe, and that tagging would de-beautify the park (yes, I made up the word).

Yet, when I look at this, I think it’s definitely not my preference of graffiti art, but I think that there’s personality to the park beyond the concrete that makes up the skate park. Yes, it may not be “beautiful” in the eyes of one who may like a pristine looking park, but I think for the youth who use this skate park like it. Of course I wouldn’t know since I didn’t see anyone who used it.

Here are some other pictures that I took. It was interesting to be at the health fair and while I was walking out of the park, I came upon this skate park.


What do you guys think? Like this kind of personalization or would you prefer a different type of art for a skate park?


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