5-5 Make Up Series: You never know…

Hey guys! Happy Thursday!

I’m so excited that the week is almost over since Labor Day is coming up. Feels like a while since there’s been a holiday, but I definitely am looking forward to a little R&R.

For today’s 5 products in 5 minutes make up look, I just did a whatever look using mostly powders and eyeshadow. Yes! That’s right guys, I used eye shadow today. Now, don’t get all excited, I didn’t do a fancy smokey or uniquely creative with crazy colors. However, I did want to try something that I’ve never blogged about before.

Little did I know, when I went to work this morning we’d start off with an impromptu walking meeting. Was I ready for it? Absolutely not. It’s funny beceause just last week, I challenged the physical activity workgroup to try walking meetings. ^_^’ What do I say? No to a walking meeting? Absolutely not. It was a good discussion and I am happy to say, after 15 minutes of walking, my make up stayed on well (minus one item, but it’s ok).

So for this 5-5 Series where I choose 5 make up products (excluding moisturizers, SPF, and setting sprays — which I wear….but I’m not going to list) and using 5 minutes, I put on make up for various occasions including the every day look for casual days to work appropriate looks. My philosophy when it comes for make up is that of a minimalist where one shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes on their looks except for special occassions.

I guess I also never quite explained why I do have such a series, and I thought I’d explain a little bit on why I’m doing this series. While the above paragraph explains mostly why I do this series, another reason why I do this series is to show creative ways on how people can do quick every day make up without sacrificing that much time as well as the fact that it can be done. Also, it’s a challenge for myself as well. I have my lazy days, trust me. In all honesty, I prefer not wearing make up. Can I? Absolutely. However, as a way to push myself and to break the mold of healthcare professionals not wearing make up as if they didn’t care, I started this series so that people know that professionals do care, but this mentality of thinking that there’s no time to do this creeps in and instead, we see those in suits, fashion, banking, business, consulting, entertainment, etc — these are the ones who wear make up. Unless of course one is going out. You’d be amazed when I see pictures of healthcare professionals going from work to the night life (Of course when I mean night life, I mean things like dinner, movies, hang outs, etc — do others go out and do other things? 😉 I’m not that kind of gal…and I don’t know many who do crazy things….so sorry….we’re mellow folks I guess…).  So, that’s why I do this series. However, if you just are the kind of person who wants to learn how to do variations of a 5 minute make up look, feel free to read on, because this series doesn’t apply to just the healthcare audience. If you’d like to challenge yourself to do a easy simple 5 minute make up look too, I welcome you. 🙂

So, here’s what I did for today. It’s 5 products, but as you can tell in the picture below, I didn’t use a whole lot. Guess what? This is truly a travel friendly routine. For all those who are traveling for Labor Day Weekend here in the US, this is a post that may be for you.


1. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Medium

2. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full coverage Airbrush Foundation

3. Urban Decay’s Bronzer (Naked on the Run Palette)

4. Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow in Fix (Naked on the Run)

5. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eye Liner in Stag (Naked on the Run Palette)

Next to some succulent plants. ^_^’


As you can see, I also included the brushes I also used. Why you may ask? Brushes are a pretty integral part to putting on make up. It’s crucial when it comes to applying make up precisely but quickly. That’s not to say that using fingers takes a while. Depending on the products you use, application with fingers can actually be quicker. I like using affordable brushes that gives a quality finish. I usually like brushes that does the same thing as high end but doesn’t have the price tag. I do have to say though…some of those high end brushes (so soft…and sometimes, I wish I had them). However, before I digress, I like to use as little brushes as possible to do the look. Otherwise, scrumaging through my collection of brushes will eat up time (you only have 5 minutes).

So, here’s how I applied my make up.

I dabbed on some Maybeline Fit Me Concealer to the inner corners and brought it down and up to form the upside down triangle. Unlike the youtubers who use quite a bit, I’m dabbing this on lightly, not doing a full straight line down the side of the nose and up the side of my face and filling in the under eye area. I simply dab what I need. I don’t have severe dark circles under my eyes, so I don’t need that much. If I do have darker circles, I’ll go in with my Erase Paste and lightly cover with the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer for lighter coverage and prevent cakey-ness.

Using my fingers, I’ll dab this into place under my eyes. Then I will go in with my Tarte powder foundation. Using the flap top kabuki, I stipple this onto my cheek area near where I placed my concealer and then swirl across the cheeks, face, nose, and down the chin towards my neck.

Then, using the ELF Cosmetics small stippling brush (I got this for $3 recently at Target — SCORE!!), I’ll take some of that bronzer and warm up the face and provide a SMALL contour to the hollows of my cheek. It’s a warmer shade, so it’s mostly just to warm up my already tanned face.

I applied an eye shadow primer since my lids are greasy (See below later for what kinds of primers I used) and applied Fix with my fingers (use a light hand..these shadows are quite pigmented).

Lastly, I applied the eye liner on and set it with setting spray.

Easy right?

This took less than 5 minutes…in fact, straight ironing my hair took longer. I do have to say though, I did notice a bit of my eye liner running compared to my Tarte gel liner. Is it a bad thing, not really. I’d prefer it not to run, but like I said, my lids are a greasy mess sometimes, so expecting run off from my liner onto my bottom lids is expected when I use a liner pencil. I do like the convenience of a pencil though as opposed to a liquid or gel liner, which takes a bit longer.

While I listed my 5 products, I did want to start mentioning (alongside the make up tools that I use) the kinds of primers, moisturizers, and SPF that I use. This will still be a 5-5 series, but I’m guessing that some of you out there might be curious as to what I use. So, this is what I used to prep and seal my make up for the day.

Moisturizer: Shiseido’s Pureness Mattifying Moisturizer (Oil Free)

Sun Screen: Shiseido’s Urban Environment Oil Free UV Protector (SPF 42)

Primer: Smashbox’s Water Primer

Setting Sray: Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray.


So here’s the final look, me at work after my walking meeting. As you can see, besides some hair not in place, the make up stayed on quite well. Them rosy cheeks are courtesy of my 15 minute walking meeting. 🙂

There you have it! Until next week’s 5-5 Make Up Series!

PS – That doesn’t mean that there won’t be additional posts this week.



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