#TBT: After a long day of walking, who wouldn’t eat this?

If you’re walking a lot, you want to eat good food.

Who’s with me on this?

While not a foodie by trade, I love good food at decent prices. That’s right, you heard me. I’m a foodie always on the look out for good food at good prices. Many foodies prefer the Michelin stars and fine dining, which I don’t mind for special special occasions. However, when it comes to satisfying the stomach, I’m good with scrumptious meals without doubling down on the check after a meal.

This was taken after an excursion at a local outlet, and I do have to say that sushi after walking outdoors is an awesome way to end the day. My sister thought we’d take 1.5 hours. We downed our food in 45 minutes. So much for sitting for a while!

When I think about sushi, this may not be your typical traditional sushi. After all, when you visit Japan, sauces, flakes, and avocado aren’t on your typical sushi meal. No siree! In Japan, sushi is simply rice, seaweed, and extremely fresh fish. Your sauces are soy sauce and wasabi. Yeap, that’s right, what you see above, it’s not REAL sushi.

To be fair, I love real sushi. In California, there are very few places that serve up the traditional sense of sushi for what it is. The price tag unfortunately for such is extremely expensive. I went to a place, and having driven by there multiple times, I would have never thought to have found such a place. I went with a friend, and boy…that price tag was O_O and !_! Was it good? It brought me back to Japan. That’s how good it was.

Now, this “faux” sushi as I would call it isn’t bad. I mean, I’ll take sushi. In fact, when I was in college, going on hikes and then ending the day with such is my kind of feast. Forget the burgers and fries. After a long hike, I wouldn’t mind buffeting on all you can eat sushi. Now, where we were at, there’s such, but we just ordered al la carte. After all, we wouldn’t have eaten enough for the price point of an all you can eat sushi. Alas, we settled on multiple plates of this.

Thus, here’s a unique picture of food. I believe this was taken with an IPhone 5 in dim lighting. I’m surprised at how this came out. Do I have a future in photography of food? It’s definitely not a priority. However, as I’m writing this and looking at the picture. I am hungry….. ^_^’  Hope this makes you hungry as well. Who knows…maybe your next meal might be just this — sushi.

Throwback Thursday Picture 😉


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