5-5 Make Up Series: Weekend Picnic at the park

Hey guys!

Who’s glad that their 4 day work week is over? This girl here is! While a short week, if I had one word to describe my work week, I’d say intense….

We had several healthy store make overs and I was at a shift in Dixon, California, home of one of the largest corn mazes ever. Yes…that’s what I’m saying. I believe it’s a record holder for one of the largest corn mazes around. If you are ever in Northern California, definitely, something worth checking out. Let me say though, health store make over was intense because it was hot and there was a lot to do. However, it was receptive and definitely something the community appreciated for the most part.

So, when the weekend comes, and I get to go to the park for a picnic with some local community members, do I not go? Well, honestly, tired and not really wanting to go, I decided to go. Being outdoors in an old stomping ground of mine when I was a kid is something that I could appreciate. So, here I am getting ready for a picnic.

For those of you new to my blog, my 5-5 Make up Series is one where I chose 5 products to do my make up in 5 minutes. This can be for work days and your casual weekends. My philosophy when it comes to make up is that it’s there for you to emphasize some of the parts of you that you like without having to put on a full mask of products. People are busy. I believe if you can do it, try to do make up in 5 minutes. You don’t need a lot to look professional and you most certainly don’t need a lot for a casual day out.

Products used prior to make up: For moisturizer, I used my Shiseido Pureness Mattifying Moisturizer (Holy grail for years….and unfortunately, I am going to switch this up since the Fall is coming and my face becomes dry in the winter..I know greasy face here becomes dry…crazy…I know). I’m comtemplating as I’m about half way through the bottle to switch it after I finish to the gel version, as it’s a lot more moisturizing. I do have the Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer, and it’s a night time go to for me. We’ll see. For now though, this product isn’t giving me the moisture that my face needs, especially as we transition to the fall. Of course, being outdoors, you know what I’m going to use! I’m using the Shiseido Urban Environment  Oil Free UV Protector SPF 42 for the Face (wear the SPF folks, even if it’s not too sunny outside…which was not a problem for today). Lastly, for Primer, I’m using the Smashbox Primer Water.

I definitely can tell fall is coming because I see flakes of skin on my face when I use the 5x portion on my mirror and see the flakes on my nose and cheek areas. It’s weird for me to see the transition because when fall hits, essentially the skin routine and bases I use change as well. The stick and cream foundations come out. The everyday BB cream or tinted moisturizer come out. In fact, more moisture is needed on my face and less powder is required. As the transition happens, I’ll definitely show you more of what I use that you haven’t seen on my blog. More to come.

So for the picnic, what did I use?

  1. Base: Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 43 in Medium
  2. Bronzer: Shiseido bronzer in Light
  3. Blush: Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso (Holy Grail….I love love love this blush; such a find for drug store)
  4. Mascara: Clinique’s  Lash Power Mascara
  5. Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel in Expresso

Brushes used:

  1. Shiseido Perfecting Foundation Brush
  2. Round angled kabuki
  3. Forever 21’s face powder brush


So, these are products that you’ve seen before (go figure). I did do a haul from the Balm Cosmetics recently as there was a big flash sale. I’m hoping to do a 5-5 using this. Let me just say…the sale…was awesome. I bought products for drug store prices, and these are their best sellers, not stuff they wanted to give away as a last minute thing..like…this is like their good stuff. I’m talking Bahama Mama bronzer or their eye shadow palettes. Let’s just say…lovin the stuff I purchased. We’ll see about a 5-5 Make up series on this.

For the base, I used a light layer of the tinted moisturizer by Shiseido. I used the Shiseido perfecting foundation brush (my holy grail foundation brush). I wanted to go with my Tarte Amazonian Clay powder foundation, since I wasn’t sure what it would be like with regards to weather, sun, and sweating. I always anticipate sweating when I’m at a picnic, so I was going to wear this however, one look at the flakiness of my face and I was like…nope….tinted moisturizer it is. Why not foundation? You know it’s a picnic with older folks….I didn’t need to wear a foundation. If there was someone I wanted to impress than maybe (you ladies know what I’m talking about there….right singles?) then maybe. However, when you’re at a picnic, there’s no need for something that’s heavy coverage. You all know me…heavy coverage is foundation and I own a lightweight foundation.

After foundation, using an angled round kabuki, I placed a layer of bronzer on as a brontour to naturally chisel out park of my cheeks. It’s funny because while on YouTube last week, I learned how if you’re applying bronzer, blush, and contour, you ought to use different brushes. I literally…like literally said out loud. “Whoops…” Being the amateur that I am, I use the same brush for all 3…I’m sure many beauty bloggers would be like “Stop Michelle…just stop…”

So…after placing bronzer on my face, I applied a light layer of blush. Luminoso is a beautiful coral color. Since my cheeks do get read, I don’t need to apply that much. If I were in the office, I’d apply more. However, when I’m outdoors, there’s really no need for that much. I used a Forever 21 face brush and just tapped the blush on, spread it up towards my temple and called it a day.

For the eyes, I placed several coats of mascara on. I had to do a bit of clean up because I got lazy (go figure…) and didn’t want to curl my lashes. For any of you bloggers out there…can someone explain why someone tears up when they curl their lashes? See, when I do my left eye, I’m fine. I go curl my lashes on the right, and I look emo…so if someone can comment about why that happens, awesome. I would love to know why this happens to me.

Lastly brows…yes…as my sister would say, brows are everything. I never really did my brows until maybe…2 years ago..and I have to say, what a difference this makes to your everyday look, casual or not. My sister is amazed how I go through my brow gel, and honestly, I love my ABH brow gel. I think that might be my holy grail. I do have a brow pomade by Tarte, and I love it too. However…brow gel by ABH (thumbs up emolji).

I sprayed it down with my Urban Decay setting spray and out the door I walked…here’s what I look like (sorry folks…I forgot to take a picture before I put on my make up…. !_!) However, not as a justification for not doing it or forgetting to take one, but I wanted to point out just how you can see some imperfections on my face. You’ll see my pores, my uneven toned lips (used lip balm), and even my imperfect aligned classes. So this 5-5 make up series, it’s really bare bones minimum that doesn’t take much effort as well as not something that I caked on. If I took off this? You really won’t find that I look that different.

I know a lot of people use make up for many different reasons. Some love it, some use it to cover up insecurities, and some use it to look attractive. I remember a conversation once (here’s some walls coming down), when I was single and wished like the romantic comedies that guys would just like me for being well, me. Back then I hated make up. Didn’t like the feel of it (back then I used drug store..turns out..not the best products I used back then…times have changed….although, I do have to say I’m not ready to buy a foundation/bb cream from the drug store yet). This person told me – guys are simple, they like women who are attractive. You should wear make up. I’m like…ugh….because I’m so lazy and in the mornings, I’d sleep for 5 more minutes than put on make up. I’m that kind of girl. So I thought I could only use make up to attract the opposite sex. It was a ego killer in a way for me because I wanted to meet “the one” and it was disheartening that this person had to see me with a mask on my face. What if you saw me without it? What would you think? That’s why whenever I went to weddings or special events, I had on a full face…like caked on…foundation, concealer, liner, mascara, eye shadow, powder, lipstick…all of it. Now, if you like to do that on a daily basis, by all means, you rock that lock. But for me, it was so hard for me to accept that if I wanted a boyfriend I had to do this. Finally I said to myself, you know what, I want to wear make up, because I like using it for me. I want to be as natural as I can be with my make up look, and get away with when I don’t wear make up. That’s where I’m at today — I wear make up for work to look professional (and awake…) and on the weekends because it’s a casual look. And you know what? I hope the opposite sex is ok with me not having that much on unless I have a reason to. All the above…I’ll wear that to weddings because it’s a special occasion. I’ll wear it to a party or a formal for work. But on a daily basis. I don’t think I need it. Sorry guys about my rant on make up again, but I just wanted to share a bit about me and make up.


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