The Balm Cosmetics Haul: Good make up at Good Prices for a Good Cause

I haven’t done a haul post in some time and you all know…if I do a haul, it has to be good.

Recently, theBalm Cosmetics had a flash sale where everything on their website was 50% off. Can I just say…yeah to a sale! On top of that, despite school having already started, the sale and a percentage of the proceeds went towards public schools.

Besides the fact that a lot of their hot items like the Mary-luminizer, Bahama Mama, liquid lipsticks, etc are on sale, the fact that the some of this went to public schools, to me was a good reason to do a small haul.

For those of you who don’t know…public schools as a lot of areas lack a lot of funding. I recently found out that a local northern California school district didn’t have enough money for school books for their kids. For me, being in public health, and finding out about how schools don’t have enough funding for a basic necessity — like books is shocking. This is a rural school district (not in the same county I work for), but it made me think about how there’s so much potential out there in terms of technology, supplies, and here are schools that don’t have enough funding for things like books. We always talk about the hope for the next generation, that they’d be better than us, and I hate to say it, but….if there’s no funding for this (I’m not talking about just government funding either), can we really say that we’re helping the next generation? It’s one reason why I support schools especially those that are in areas that are underfunded and am willing to purchase things I like that go towards schools.

I actually have played around with theBalm cosmetics products once when I was at Kohls. I know many YouTubers have various products that they consider as holy products. I’ve never owned anything from theBalm, but I had a love for their eye shadow palettes when I tried them. I absolutely loved the bronzer when I tried it, so when I found out about the sale via Instagram (check me out on PHPortfolio), I folded. Everything I bought was at drug store prices. Exactly…higher end products at drug store prices.

This is what I bought:

  1. Bahama Mama @ $10 (That’s right…$10).
  2. Autobalm in California (since I’m from California) @ $8 (This is a perfect travel palette where all the items in it are versatile)
  3. Meet Matte(trimony) eye shadow palette @ $21


So essentially, I spent under $40 for these 3 products which to me was a steal. I’ll be honest…I was eyeing a different matte palette that was in the high $30s and it was on my wish list of purchases when I finished my Stila palette. However, I folded when I saw this matte palette at $21 and so, I bought it. Let me just say, the pigmentation on this palette is amazing. I can’t wait to really try this out. As in my previous post, stay tuned, I do want to use some of the more nude colors for a 5-5 look that may happen in the latter part of September since I have other blog posts planned for the upcoming weeks.

I tried Bahama Mama out, and at first, when I saw this, I winced a bit because it was incredibly dark. When my sister saw this, she was like, “That’s too dark on you.” I went in with a light hand with a loose powder brush and was actually pretty surprised by how this looked on my face. It was amazing.

Autobalm might have been one of the most smallest palettes that I own and one that I would find myself reaching for more than the Urban Naked on the run Palette. You’re talking about a palette that’s about a quarter size to the Naked on the Run. While the Naked on the Run Palette is my go to travel palette because it’s got everything you could want, I do think that Autobalm in California is going to be a palette that give this giant palette a run for it’s money. You definitely can use this for a very casual look while transitioning it to a night look as well. While it doesn’t have slots for things like a lip product, mascara, and liner, those items can easily be put into a travel bag or your purse/clutch. These items aren’t space takers, so I think it’s a palette that I’d reach for not just for travel, but on the go as well. Again, it’s small. If it weren’t on sale, I don’t think I’d purchase it. However when you’re paying $8, I definitely was interested in it.

So overall, a very good haul at a good price. I really want to do a 5-5 Make up series using just the Balm products. However, it probably won’t be until later on this month. So stay tuned to that. However, I did want to put it out there that I did do a haul that wasn’t only very well priced, but some of its proceeds also go to public schools which I care about.

Stay tuned for some awesome posts that includes photographs, public health related issues, and of course, make up. šŸ˜‰


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