Business Trips: The Travel Bag

Everyone talks about holiday travel, so I guess I’ll be the nerd and talk about business trip travel! I don’t go on many. Honestly, I go on maybe 1 or 2 a year and most of them, if not all are often in California.

In my younger days, I always wanted to be this health professional who got to travel a lot across the country to give talks or go to conferences. Until last year, I will say this, while jet setting may seem fun. You get burned out. I remember once I did a same day trip thing where I got on the first flight out for a conference/seminar event, got on an evening flight and drove home while in like 3 days or something, I traveled to another event in Northern California. Let me just say…that was crazy. For all those people out there who travel a lot for their jobs where they’re on planes and all, let me just say, I applaud you. I like traveling, but sometimes, too many business trips all at once aren’t easy. Phew!

When I travel for business, I always think about what I’m traveling for and where. For many of these events, an agenda is usually set, and I like to look over to see what it is that I need to prepare myself for. Beyond the business attire, one ought to account for a few things including after meeting events such as dinners or meet ups, casual get togethers for networking, and a whole bunch of things. The best way to travel is to pick clothes that are versatile. If you need business attire, choose separates that are appropriate for the occasions. Some of those separates could be used for an evening look.

I often travel for business using a small carry on luggage. It’s smaller than your standard 20″ luggage. Why?  You may ask? It’s easier to carry around. I remember once someone saw what I carried and they were like, you fit everything in that? I nodded. If you’re smart about what you pack,  you don’t need to pack a lot.

So, I’m not going to go into detail about all that I packed. However, I did want to explain what I packed in my toiletry bag which also serves as my make up bag. I do carry a go to bag for every day use, but that’s besides the point. My toiletry bag comes from Daiso, and the best thing? The bag costs $1.50. That’s right folks. $1.50. It may be plain jane to the fashionistas out there. However, from a practical standpoint, it’s an awesome little bag that fits in a carry on without sacrificing space.  I find that this bag fits a lot of items that I need for my business trip. Within it contains the following:

  1. Ponds Moisturizer (no SPF) – Travel size version from Target
  2. Q-Tips
  3. Almay Eye Make Up Remover Sheets
  4. Conair Large Toothed Comb
  5. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Powder Foundation in Fairly Light Honey (sometimes I’ll bring the Shiseido BB Cream in Medium instead, depends on what I feel like, weather, etc)
  6. Maybelline’s FitMe Concealer in Medium
  7. Shiseido’s Urban Environment UV Protecting SPF 42
  8. Urban Decay’s Naked on the Run Palette (I gave the lip gloss away since I’m not a fan of lip gloss and replaced it with L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Glossy Balm in Lovely Mocha)
  9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel
  10. Shiseido’s Translucent Pressed Powder
  11. Shiseido Face Primer
  12. Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray – Travel size
  13. Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging Eye Primer – Travel size
  14. Blistex Lip Balm
  15. Pencil case of brushes (Shiseido perfecting foundation brush; ELF cosmetics small tapered brush, eye crease and eye professional brushes, and flawless concealer brush; Forever 21’s eye liner brush, and a Daiso travel eye lash curler).
  16. Deodorant


All that does fit into my travel bag. You may think that this is crazy, but it works. In fact, you really get to be creative with what you have. I know I was tempted to go out and get a brown gel eye liner pencil since I do prefer that over a black pencil liner. I even contemplated bringing my brown gel liner by Tarte, but I realized that with the eye shadows I do have, I can play around with using this to create a lighter and more casual liner look without having to carry additional products. All I do really is pack some brown eye shadow in Resist, Stun, or Dare, put some setting spray on that and I’m good to go. The beauty about packing a palette such as the Naked on the Run or Autobalm is that you can be creative and for all you folks out there who have a creative bug within you, I think that’s one of the greatest things about palettes.

In addition, the more versatile the items you have are, the easier it is for you to play around with your make up. Now, knowing me, you will know that I could get away with lesser items such as using the AutoBalm palette instead of the Naked on the Run or packing a versatile blush, bronzer, and/or lip product that I won’t need to pack the giant palette. It’s true. You don’t have to actually pack a palette for traveling on business. However, I find that a palette gives you a one stop shop experience where you won’t have to dig around your bag for the product that you want. Literally, you take out your base, the palette, and you’re done. It’s simple and easy. If you need a transition, go back to the hotel room bust out the palette and you’re done.

So that’s what I have in my make up bag. It looks like a lot, but it’s really not. The toiletry bag is half the size of a 1 gallon ziploc bag (a bit bigger than quart size) and about 1.5 in width. So essentially it’s not a lot. Will I use all of the items in my toiletry bag? Probably not. Again, being minimalist when it comes to make up, I most likely on a daily basis not use everything. I’ll most likely mix it up, but never utilize all the products.

If you haven’t started following me on Instagram, feel free and check it out (PHPortfolio) as this is where you’ll find updates on looks that I did while on my business trip, various photos, etc.

Until next time!


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