Photoblog: Morning Walk in the Park

Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday!

About 2 weeks ago, I had an opportunity to go to an event in SF. Specifically, I had the opportunity to go to Fort Mason in San Francisco for a Healthy Outdoors Forum hosted by the Bay Area Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition.

It was a really cool event because it wasn’t just an even where I learned about why people should visit local/neighborhood parks, the importance of physical activity, etc. More than anything, it was how healthcare providers and its organizations can encourage their patients to visit a park and experience its many advantages.

Because it was in SF, for those who are from Northern California, specifically the Bay Area, you all know that going into and leaving the city on a normal work day is tough. Expect over an hour commute. Doesn’t matter if you are coming from the South Bay, North Bay, East Bay. Doesn’t matter. The fact is — you will be stuck in traffic.

So what’s a girl to do if she doesn’t want to sit in traffic for over 2 hours? You commute using public transportation. I got to Fort Mason about an hour prior to the start of the event which allowed me the opportunity to capture this beauty here at Fort Mason. It was quite timely because I was going to an event related to how healthcare and parks/rec can work together for people’s health, and here, was a beautiful scene of a park.

In all honesty, I wish such parks existed all over. I know that there are a lot of barriers of why people don’t visit parks including safety, the type of park that’s in the neighborhood, and the need to be social. Believe it or not, the last reason is a barrier for many. If you’re not use to going to a park, it’s weird.

Any how…parks are so nice. A few weeks back, I had a chance to go to a giant picnic at the park I use to venture when I was a kid, and walking around with a childhood friend here brought back a lot of memories. Besides walking and talking, I just remembered a lot of the good times that I had a the park, all the daring things I wanted to do (there was a giant cement slide that’s no longer usable), and feeding the ducks. 🙂 It’s no wonder going to a park can help with things such as depression, lower blood pressure, and one’s overall health.

However, the reality is that these parks don’t exist all over the place. It’s a fact. I don’t have to travel that far to acknowledge this. Despite the presence of parks, the question is, how can they be utilized by the local community. If safety is the issue, one way to make it safe is to increase it’s presence, beautification projects, events, and more.

What I think I was most grateful for, after the event, was how this is such an innovative way to get people out to the parks — healthcare with parks and rec, joining forces together to promote the usage of parks. Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford going to the gym. In fact, the gym is not the only place for people to go and do physical activity. I know that it’s a trend and many do go. However, the reality is that not everyone can afford that every month. The park is free. It’s beautiful (especially the trees and all), and such a great place to socialize when one regularly goes to the park.

Anyway, with such a long wait prior to the start of the event, here are some additional pictures that I took. If you all are following me on Instagram, you’ll notice that I had several pictures up. If you weren’t, no worries, I will show you here. 🙂



It was such a beautiful day, and one of the rare moments when you actually can see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Back to the photoblog — It was such a great time to see the park at Fort Mason and to have such a view was…I guess if I could describe it, it would be refreshing. When someone asks me — mountains or water, I’ve always said water, and living in a place where you don’t have that view of water all the time (and I don’t mean the pool either), it’s so refreshing to see water here. Yes, it was tiring, to commute, especially as I left at like 6:30 in the morning, but to have such a view, especially for a work event.

So, to all my viewers out there — which do you prefer? Seeing water or the mountains? Why? Leave me a comment, because I’d love to know! 🙂

Peace out and happy hump day!


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