Sample Series: Makeup Forever’s Water Blend Face and Body Foundation

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well!

While I was at the NEPO conference in Newport Beach, I forgot make up remover wipes and was on the hunt for any type of make up remover that was cheap. Before landing at Ulta, there was Nordstrom, and while visiting various make up counters, I landed at the Shiseido counter. Lo and behold, I found out that their BB Cream was being discontinued. 😦

I’m almost out, as it’s been a go-to for me during the fall and winter months, and while I was set on getting it again when I ran out, I am on the hunt for a light weight moisturizing base. I’ve tried a few products at Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s, and Nordstrom. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything that quite matched my skin tone or the same quality as the bb cream. From Dr. Jart to Clinique, the BB Creams that I’ve tried thus far just didn’t cut it for me.

Tinted moisturizers do work for me, and right now, I am loving my Shiseido tinted moisturizer (don’t discontinue Shiseido!!) and Laura Mercier’s oil free tinted moisturizer has also been a recent go to as well. One thing about the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is that the color Bisque (which is what I use) is too light for the summer and unfortunately, also leaves me greasy after 3 hours of wear even with powder or setting spray.

While there are many brands of BB and CC Creams out there, the hunt for BB Creams became one that slowly transitioned to lightweight hydrating foundations. The trend of light weight foundations is one that often starts in the spring, however there are many out there that do work for those who have combination skin (i.e. Dry and normal) for the fall and winter months.

So, in my search for a foundation that is similar to a BB cream, I discovered the Makeup Forever’s newly formulated Water Blend Face and Body Foundation. Everyone (Well, almost everyone) knows about this new reformulation and it’s not a new foundation that’s coming out. After talking to a Sephora rep about this foundation, this is one that I think may be right, but one that I definitely would like to sample out. My one question to the Sephora rep is this: How does this foundation work on my oily skin for summer and drier skin for the winter? Her response: Summer, don’t even go near it. Winter, I think this would be perfect if you’re looking for a foundation that’s light weight, hydrating, and offers coverage whether light, medium, or full coverage. Bingo — That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Since I’m not an influencer in the make up and beauty world, I’ve created a Sample Series that I’m going to use as a means to talk about samples that I’m trying for purchasing. This series isn’t meant to be a regular series, but one that I want to do as a means to test out a new product that I’m interested in to replace a product that I’m about to use up, don’t plan on repurchasing, or there’s something about it that is interesting.  Given that the Shiseido BB Cream is being discontinued and I haven’t found my BB Cream replacement, this foundation will be my first sample series review. I also have the Clinique Pep and Start blurring primer/moisturizer which I thought was incredibly practical, so let me know in the comments box if you want me to do a Sample Series review on that (Given that this is a skincare product, the below does not apply).

So, how do I test out the samples? As you all know, Sephora gives a small little container for you to try out for about 1-2 days max. This is really nice because I have enough to test this out 1) On an 8 hour work day and 2) Weekend when I’m out and about. Basically, the test are two full days when I’m wearing this with other types of make up including blush/bronzer or highlighter. Will I wear a primer, setting powder, or setting spray? I think I will use 2 of 3 because it’s rare that I don’t wear a primer under a base, and when the heater is on, I can get a bit sweaty, so I most likely will wear something on top of the base.

For more information about the product, go to the link below:

I’m using this in Y325. I thought I was a Y315, but Y325 and Y405 were tested on me. When push comes to shove, given that I know in the winter, I get lighter, I opted to test out the Y325.

Tools used: Shiseido foundation brush (Day 1) & Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (Day 2)

Day 1 Look (With Body Shop’s Wonderblur Primer & Shiseido foundation brush):


Day 2 Look (With Smashbox’s Water Primer & Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponge):


Insights: My overall impression of MUFE’s Waterblend Foundation is that I like it. The first day, I chose to wear this for a full 10 hour day without setting it with powder and setting spray. Whether it was the diner food I ate for lunch or running around, but I essentially blotted my face 3x, which wasn’t bad. The greatest thing, despite the blotting is that I didn’t feel too greasy. I recall once when I wore a tinted moisturizer and that greasy feeling after 3 hours of wear time was not the most comfortable feeling. However, even though this got greasy, it didn’t feel greasy. I felt oily, but not greasy. Surprisingly after 10 hours of wear time (work plus evening event), I had a descent amount of product on my face still, which I liked (First day, I wore about 2 layers). I will add though, the weather for the day was high 70s and low 80s. On the 2nd day, I was at a health fair and then running around doing errands all day, so essentially, I wore this for about 8 hours. Lesson learned, I set my foundation this time around, and it felt great. The only thing I do recommend is that rather than apply the foundation with a sponge, I’d probably apply this with a brush — preferably a buffing brush, something with a bit of density, but not something that absorbs. I find that the Shiseido foundation brush does a great job in application. The key is to apply and blend quickly; if you wait, you get the streak marks that many have mentioned in reviews at Sephora. The greatest thing about this is that the foundation doesn’t end up on my glasses (anyone else get nose pad foundation look?). That, is a plus on my end.

I really wanted to test this against my Shiseido Synchro skin, because I also like the feel of this as well. Maybe I can do a foundation face off one of these days. Let me know what you think — because I’m tempted to see which one I like more.

Would I buy? At the price point of $43, I think I would definitely buy this product once I finish up some other products first. While this gives me motivation to finish up the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer as well as the Shiseido BB Cream (sadness), I do think I will wait, only because I do have other products that I don’t necessarily dislike, but find that it’s worthwhile in finishing up first. For the price point, I find this foundation to wear like a BB Cream, in warmer weather, I find this foundation wouldn’t be right for me, given the grease factor. For the fall and winter, with some setting powder, I do find that this foundation works for me, doesn’t break me out, still feel skin while providing that needed color balance that I like in a base. As you all know, I’m not the kind of girl who wears full coverage foundation. While there are mixed reviews online about this product, I find that for my skin and what I want in a base, this works incredibly well at a good price point. I do have to say that the temptation of wanting to purchase this right off the bat is enticing. However, with products that I still like now, to buy would be premature. Upon finishing, you can definitely bet, this will be my next purchase for my base. 🙂

Until next time guys! Leave comments if you want me to test out the Clinique Hydroblur moisturizer or do a Foundation Battle since I still have a lot of product (MUFE Water Blend Foundation) left. 🙂




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