November Gratitude Challenge Day 2: Technology I’m Thankful For

Being a techie who enjoys hearing about what’s new on the market from a commercial, business, and health perspective, I was actually incredibly excited for this prompt.

While science has proven that there are many downsides to technology such as the usage of social media and cyber bullying; the inability for people to relate with each other; increased screen time that leads to carpal tunnel, poor vision, and lower attention span; and the inability to do things without technology (old school style things like reading a map), there are many uses for technology that are not only innovative, but incredibly advantageous.

I can talk about so many healthcare devices that are incredible today. From the EKG to MRIs and CT Scans, there is no doubt that some technologies are incredibly useful when it comes to diagnosis in the medical realm. In terms of communications, we’re so much closer now to family who may be on the otherside of the globe through the usage of video and camera technology. Cars now come with incredible technology that helps prevent accidents such as airbag deployment. Computers have helped with word processing (although it sadly decreases our ability to spell… >_<).

When I think about technology, one piece of technology that I am thankful for comes down to the internet. Some may not call this technology; however, it’s incredibly important. I grew up in a time when before 10, there was no such thing as the internet. Everything was on a book such as an encyclopedia. The library was the place to go when one needed to do reports. Now, while the library and encyclopedias are still vital and important, the internet has made knowledge not only vast, but available. Where would Google be without the internet? More than that, where would the smartphone be alongside the data plans that exist with so mobile companies? The thing is, the technology of the internet, is something that I, along with so many other people ought to be thankful for, because so many things wouldn’t have existed without the basis of the internet. There wouldn’t be YouTube, blogging, the idea of a search engine, cloud space, and so many other entities that we often go to without the internet.

So there’s Day 2. What technology are you thankful for? Leave a comment and share! 🙂


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