30 Days of Gratitude: Color I’m Grateful For

If I thought smells were shallow, then I have to say, thinking of a color I’m grateful for is probably even more shallow.

Often times, I ponder if I should find other prompts to do. As a thinker, looking at the prompt of the day makes me cringe, especially when I see just how simple these questions are. As much as I want to make this blog post into something more deep and thoughtful, to really illicit why a color could allow for gratitude, I must say, beyond seeing colors, there’s not a whole lot to be thankful for when I’m thinking about colors.

First off, I’m going to honestly admit that seeing colors, let alone, seeing anything at all is something to be greatful for. The fact that I can admire the colors of the leaves in the fall or the finite detailed colors of animals like those in the sea, it’s quite amazing that I can admire such colors that are around.

As an amateur photographer, one of the things I admire most about landscape photography, are the color schemes that I see. Whether it’s the skies while on a plane ride or the view of architecture and even various views of nature, the colors that my eyes see, that my brain comprehends brings about such a refreshment within that the fact that I can see colors, even with glasses is something that I’ll always be thankful for.

As for color, I’m going to be biased, because my favorite color is blue. I’ve always been drawn to the color blue because of it’s just a color that I like. Even though many girls liked pink and purple at my age…blue was always something that I loved. Perhaps it’s because one of my favorite stuffed animals (Sanrio’s Pekkle) had a blue shirt. 🙂

So I did some research about the color blue — and here is what I found from http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/color-blue.html :

  • Color of trust and responsibility
  • Helper, rescuer, the friend in need
  • Conservative & non threatening color
  • Most universally liked color of all
  • Doesn’t like change
  • Nostalgic

While I’m not always about personality traits relating to things like a color, it’s interesting, I’ll give this that. I think it’s interesting that it’s a universally liked color and that it’s a color that represents trust, loyalty, and responsibility. While I’m not one to say that I’m such, one thing about me is that I’m a really loyal person. The moment that loyalty is broken, for me, it’s something that I take seriously.

The same goes with trust…and for me, trust is big. It’s hard for me to open up as is…so the moment I open up, it means I trust the person I’m opening up to. However, when that trust is broken, honestly, I walk away…and as hard as it is for me to do so, it’s my way of dealing with distrust and the unloyal.

Now…I know that it’s not the best way to deal with both traits. I’m sure there are many times when I’ve done things that have caused mistrust and cause someone to doubt my loyalty. It’s something that I want to really improve on having learned from past instances where I was burned by people whom I thought I could trust, who I had been very loyal to. It’s painful…and I was really hurt by those moments; even typing this, it brings back those uncomfortable memories that sometimes still makes me tear up and cry.

However, when I think about blue….and how it’s the color of trust and responsibility, one thing to be thankful for is that there is a color that represents such good qualities and character in an individual. I may be loyal and like to trust others, but for me, what I’m grateful is that there are such character in a world where we see a lot of corruption, greed, selfishness, and all things that makes us as individuals cringe at humanity. There’s a lot that fall into that category.

Given all of this, being thankful and grateful for even the smallest of things is important.

Also, just an FYI guys, I know that wordpress has the capability for one to pre-write blog posts. While I do use this function here and there when I get busy, for this 30 day gratitude challenge, I am not using that function to pre-write blog posts. The fact that this is a 30 day challenge is something I take seriously and I want this to be beneficial for me as it is to all my readers out there for the reason that we all need a dose of gratitude.

The other day, someone shared with me about gratitude and it’s this:

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

As an American, I have a lot. I may have lost a lot…but the fact that gratitude allows me to see what I have, even the smallest things like the sight, is enough. With the holidays coming around, including various sales (Like the Sephora VIB sale… >_<) and so many things I’m sure we wish we have, the fact is, a lot of times..what we have…it’s enough. What a great reminder…and what a great way to think about these prompts…as shallow as they are…

Day 3 is done!!!


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