30 Day Challenge; Day 5: Gratitude for Sound

With 15 minutes to spare till the end of the day here in California, I wanted to write about Day 5, which the question is: What sound are you grateful for today?

As a musician, I’m always grateful for sound. Earlier on as a child, I was a trained pianist that learned the art of improvisation with chords. After college, I had the opportunity to join a fellowship praise band, and while I was horrendous at improve and chords, I learned to appreciate within music the different sounds that makes the song.

While I’m still on a band (different from the one mentioned above), I enjoy listening to Pandora and Spotify, particularly, epic soundtracks because you get to hear the various instruments and what the composer is trying to get across through the track.

Actors truly make any TV show and movie a script come alive. Music, however makes it all so much better. It brings about an emotion within that makes what is going on in a movie or TV show relatable and one empathetic to what is happening on the screen.

This is why I enjoy music so much. I appreciated music as a kid. However, joining band, I must say, I appreciate all the neat sounds that makes a song, an ensemble, and a track. Without the various instruments — the woods, strings, keyboards, horns, etc, a song just wouldn’t be a song.

So if there’s a song that I’m grateful for today, it’s music.

Sorry for the short post. However, I wanted to put in this post because it’s part of my 30 day gratitude challenge.

With 4 minutes left in the day, I hope that you all are enjoying this 30 day gratitude challenge as much as I am. 🙂



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