30 Day Gratitude Challenge Day 6: Nature!

As a not so bonfide football fan, I decided to spend the date outdoors by going to an outdoor shopping mall.

I know…I’m vain…I went out and shopped, when the prompt today is nature.

Honestly, when I’m by myself, I rarely go out to hike on my own for safety reasons. There are definitely plenty of hiking trails in the area that I could do. However, having been lost out in the wilderness before, with people interestingly enough, hiking trails by myself isn’t my cup of tea. For this reason alone, I will not hike by myself.

However, despite not utilizing the last day of the weekend to go out into nature, I decided to visit a local plaza that’s outdoors which is surrounded by a lot of greenery including willows.

One of the things I loved about Davis, was venturing the campus, especially near the quad because the fall colors are so apparent here. While I do see this often, it’s so nice to see green in the fall, and the willows that I saw today were my version of nature. The fact that it was quite muggy today also made me think about summer rather than fall (although the skies are an honest reminder that it’s fall), and the willows that are green helps with that.

The fact that we had partly cloudy skies here in California helps with colors. For those of you who are new to photography, partly cloudy days gives you the best color pay off when taking pictures. So for me, the green on the willow trees were such a fantastic color. It’s this that I’m really thankful for, because the colors of the willows were so beautiful, while I was walking around today outside and shopping around.

If I had to choose a place in nature to be in, it’ll always always be water — whether a lake like Lake Tahoe or seeing the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean, I love being near water (more than mountains and trees), so besides the green willows I saw today, I am also grateful for water. Water sounds soothes me, the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean reminds me of how small I am compared to the larger things of life, the swimming pool is my kind of workout that’s not only a workout but calming, and water..is good for you. So for me, if I’m every down and out, I’m thankful that water in Northern California is not too far way. I’m always rejuvenated by water.

So there you guys have it! Nature — there’s always gratitude for nature, because it’s so beautiful, always rejuvenating, and refreshing. 🙂

Happy Sunday guys!


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