30 Day Gratitude Challenge Day 7: Throwbacks and Memories

One of the things that I’ve always enjoyed on Facebook (sorry guys, that social media for now is off limits for followers) is how it’s programmed memories that have been posted from years back. There have been a lot of memories where I’m like, wow, time does fly, or just things that would pop up that I would share for encouraging people. Let’s face it, we are bad at remembering things, so various highlights that pop up on Facebook are often times great.

Interestingly enough, I also saw a few weeks back, a memory that was incredibly bitter sweet, and my reaction to that was — how do I delete this post? A few years ago, something happened in my life that was incredibly tragic in a sense that I moved on to a new chapter in my life that was much needed and necessary and essentially I was left out in the cold by a lot of people. It was traumatic, hurtful, and heart breaking to have gone through it and to this day, I have to admit, it still hurts to think about those times. Essentially the pictures that I saw that were suppose to bring back those joys of old memories and reminiscence essentially nearly made me cry at work.

So why am I talking about those memories that are difficult to rethink about in a 30 day gratitude challenge? The reason that I am bringing them back up is because a few weeks back when I saw that memory pop up on Facebook, I started talking to very close friends of minds who don’t know about this part of my life (these are new close friends by the way) and long story short, I felt like I was able to move on. Today, I was having a conversation with someone, and as I was sharing with that person about what happened in brief detail, I realized how I didn’t feel that pang of hurt or the sadness of what I experienced that I normally would have done when I spoke about this. It’s not like this was something that I recently spoken about with friends, but a process that started with frustration, anger, tears and now it’s at a place where I am able to move on.

So I’m grateful for those bad memories, not because of what it brought on me; rather it allowed me the opportunity to open up in a new way to others and move away from toxic relationships that just tends to drag you through the trenches and end up no where. I learned a lot from that experience and have matured in ways that I don’t think I would have done so had I not chosen to act the way I did a few years back. So those are the memories which in addition to the good ones, that I am thankful.

As awkward as this may sound, are there any bad memories in the past that you are thankful for? How did you move on from such?

Happy Monday guys! Stay tuned for some more blog posts! 🙂


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