30 Day Gratitude Challenge; Days 8 & 9 – Book and Place

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting yesterday! For those of you in the US..and probably by now all around the world must know that it was election day yesterday, and let me just say without going into details, emotions, etc, that it was a difficult election to watch. I’m honestly leaning on the power of a democratic nation, that as Americans, we will not simply let one man rule our nation, but that as a democracy, we have checks and balances, that one man in a white house doesn’t have the last say. He is our president elect, and I am hoping that he can prove us all wrong…that he’s above what he’s said, that he can be a person of higher ground, and again, I am leaning on democracy of the American people. That’s all I’m going to say, I’m not here to bash people based on who they vote, I am giving my personal opinion of the results. Whoever has anything to say, I will say this — please don’t comment, because we know what all the comments are. This is not a place to fight, it’s not a place to debate, we know and here it already on social media. I’m here to simply share my thoughts on it, and I would appreciate it if you don’t comment, because I already know what’s happening, I don’t want to hear the hatred that’s been coming out as what people may think as civil debate. If you like stuff like that, then career in lobbying or government may just be the job for you — especially in the capital or DC…so go for it if that’s you.

Given the events that have occured, I will say that a post about gratitude is very much needed. I’ve been talking to folks at work, reviewing twitter feeds, news agencies, and facebook, and there’s so much hate….so much fear….and…I know people are hurt, angry, shock, and denial. Heck, some are cheering and sneering. However, in a time like this when disagreements happen, when things don’t seem right, honestly, we all need moments where we can pause and just think about what we’re grateful for in life. I for one am grateful I can vote. I am grateful for the privilege as an American Citizen and as a woman who has the right to vote, because I’ll say this right now, there are countries where women don’t have that right and they are simply only ones who follow their spouses around. The fact that, I, as a woman can vote as a right & privilege, I am grateful.

So for Day 8, the gratitude prompt is on a book. Firstly, I’m grateful for the Bible. I’m going to get a lot of heat….but for those who don’t know, if you read it from one end to the other, you will understand why I’m grateful for a book such as this. It’s brought me a lot of peace in a time when I ponder the state of Americans and what it means to be equal. It’s brought a lot of peace when people have been the source of my anger and hurt (check out my last post if you want to know what I mean). So I’m grateful for this. However, I’m also grateful for books in general. As a bonifide library user, and a lover of all things spies and mystery related, I love reading books about such. Right now, the library that I have in my county allows for digital reading, and while there are folks who are very into a physical book, I love having the chance to read books on my phone or tablet.

For Day 9 — Place I’m grateful for. So, without being repetitive in sharing places that I’m grateful for, I wanted to share the place that I’m personally thankful for today. I was thankful for my car. It was such a somber day at work today (California), that honestly, being alone was something I actually cherished. A lot of conversation of course happened at work, but when you’re tired from all the work drama that was occurring, on top of elections, I mean, for me, I honestly just wanted to be alone during my lunch break, and my car was just that place. Call me the loner. Call me the one who doesn’t want to interact with others after elections. Whatever. I was grateful for being alone, in my car, eating a chicken sandwich with curly fries. It was something I needed.

So, there you have it. All right guys, because it was one of those days, I figured you all want something encouraging. I don’t think I ever mentioned this, but I’m a big fan of Lord of the Rings. I’m just a big fan of Tolkien, but someone posted on my Facebook this video, and being such a fan, it’s one of those feel good moments in a movie that’s just encouraging. We’re not in that place like in the Two Towers, where we’re at all out war. However, it’s one of those hopeful scenes that I thought could encourage you too.

Lord of the Rings: Something Worth Fighting For



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