6-5 Make Up Series: The Badge Picture

Amongst the many various things I needed to prepare for school, one of the things that I had to do was take a profile shot for my badge.

I figured, what the heck, I needed to apply make up anyways, might as well make it my badge photo too. It was kind of hilarious honestly, because one of the “Do not do” things is: Don’t do a glam shot. The next was don’t do a selfie.

It was funny only because now a days with instagram and all, it’s easy to actually do just that — a glam selfie shot.

Given that it’s a normal yet professional shot, I wouldn’t recommend doing a look where you didn’t put make on. As tempting as that may be, there is a need to put a little on. Hence my 5-5 Make Up Series and what to do when taking a picture for a work or school badge. This look is also useful for a professional shot as well.

Unlike before, when I would put the picture at the end, I’m actually going to show you what the final product looked like.



Mind the frizzy hair, because I didn’t really care about doing any hair today. Let it be air dried and wavy (which is actually the natural state of my hair).

This was a look done in 5 minutes since I was heading out to have lunch with my grandpa. This was done on Sunday morning, and it’s a look that lasted till about 9PM, which is when I took off my make up. I was out and about that day (see my 30 Day Gratitude challenge Day 6), so it not only was a good badge picture, it lasted for a good 10 hours.

As you all know, I still had some of the sample of Make Up Forever’s Water Blend Foundation. I decided to use this as my base, and let me just say, it is definitely one that you don’t need a lot of to create a natural base for the face to hide minor flaws, such as hyperpigmentation and for me, some imperfections on the skin that I do have from previous acne scars.

So for those who are new, my 5-5 Make Up series is one where I use 5 make up products (excluding primer, SPF, and setting mist/spray) and create a look in 5 minutes. My philosophy on make up is that such ought to be used to enhance your natural beauty without compromising what you really look like, after all would your co-workers, family, and your significant other like to see you for who you are or a mask? For all those who have been following (and there are quite a number of you…I’m surprised actually, so thank you guys for following me and this series!) sorry for the extra summary of what this series is about, but it’s something I do for all those who are new to this series.

So this is what I used to create this 5 minute look:

Primer: Smashbox Water Primer

Tools: Shiseido Foundation brush; ELF Cosmetics Complexion Brush; Tarte’s Brow brush and spoolie (included when purchased with Brow mousse, see below)

Make up:

1. Make Up Forever Water Blend Foundation in Y325

2. Shiseido Oil Free Bronzer in Light

3. Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso

4. Nyx’s Tres Jolie Eye Liner in Brown

5. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse in Rich Brown

6. Nyx’s Matte Liquid Lipstick in Zurich


I’ve had the Tarte brow mousse for quite some time, and honestly, I haven’t made a dent on it at all. It’s not because it’s one that lasts a long time (although it does; my sister owns this, recommended it to me, and her pot has a giant dent in it, yet has not hit glass yet). Yes..glass…not a pan…For me, I’ve used my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel a lot. So much, that in less than a year, I’ve used half of it. That for me is an indication to add this little guy back into my make up routine. So it’s sitting right now on my little bamboo organizer (from TJ Maxx) as a reminder to use this.

As mentioned previously, the MUFE foundation is best applied with a brush. You don’t need a lot to create decent coverage for the face. Within the small Sephora sample container, I simply dipped my brush in lightly, and started patting this all over my face. Then, with a swiping/buffing motion, I ensured that my face was covered with the foundation.

Using the ELF complexion brush, I lightly brushed bronzer near the hollows of the cheek and then blush at the apples of cheeks. Then using Nyx’s Matte Liquid Lipstick, rather than making it a full on lip, I dabbed some on my upper and lower lips. Using a ring finger, I swiped it across my lips to create that stain affect of a slightly nude pink lip.

All of this is a light application to ensure that it’s not a glam shot whatsoever. Incredibly easy and only 3 tools. If you’re wondering if I powdered or used a setting spray. The answer is — no. I didn’t use anything to set any of the make up, which for me as quite surprising. For the entire day, I didn’t feel like I wore make up and the only thing that ran was my eye liner, which after 8 hours, I’m not surprised. By 8:30PM, I started getting greasy, and I blotted, when at 9PM, I decided, it’s not worth it to wear it any longer, and decided to take off my make up.

There you all have it! Hope you enjoyed this blog post, and that these blog posts have been interesting for you all!


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