30 Day Gratitude Day Day 10: Tastes

So I got behind again — this is for Thursday (Nov 10), and for me, the taste that I am most grateful for (yesterday) is coffee.

Yesterday was a bit of a hectic day for me, not because I had to work, I used comp time since I’m working this Sunday all day, so essentially, I utilized the day to run a bunch of errands that were necessary. In so many ways, as a high school student, when you hear your parents utilize their vacation days to run errands and in your mind you say ‘What?!!?!?!?!?!’ And you do the same thing, the realization that vacation days are rare, or utilization of weekends to do certain things except relax on the couch makes you realize that as an adult, time is precious.

So why coffee?

Besides being a lover of the bitter tasting drink (even the best of coffees have it, I’ve tried it….even the most expensive Indonesian coffee that’s been pooped out), I appreciated coffee, because it allowed me to keep going. I was never fond or supported energy drinks, but coffee, yes.

I started the day driving up north and actually stayed in northern California for most of the day. In all honesty, I walked and drove a lot, and surprisingly had to put a smile on my face, despite being tired and on top of that answering work email on my off day, it was something I needed.

It’s funny because a few days ago, while at work, emails were flying left and right about an event we were hosting and working to create, and we decided to postpone it. Anyway the stress of rescheduling that was crazy..and let me just say coffee was my “safety blanket.” While this is not the case for Thursday, I did appreciate coffee, because it kept me awake while driving, personable personality, rhyme and reason..because let’s face it…things in the US are a little crazy right now.

All and all, with the election and its aftermath, I’ve never been so dissuaded to not go on social media. I often loved outlets like Facebook & Twitter for the latest news, but lately, I’ve got friends bashing on each other, acquaintances hating others, the news shows rioting; supporters on both sides attacking the opposing and….it’s not that I don’t want to know about these things that are happening, but what it does is that it causes a reaction — for me a lot of emotional ones that include discouragement, fear, worry, and anger. In all honesty, both sides that support such actions are wrong. Not just as Americans, but as humans, as a society. To see such news outlets and reports is discouraging, and rather than react with such negative emotions and no, I’m not going advise a positive emotion for something like this, I’m choosing to stay out of the media because it’s causing more reactions that aren’t helping the situation for myself nor for the communities/societies around me. I work in the public sector, and as an individual, I’m called to serve people, and I want to be able to do that, being aware of my own biases, but at the same time opposing such. Rather than react negatively, fighting with words, fists, and destruction, I’m choosing to not look at social media for what people have to say, the attacks that are happening from supporters on both camps, and instead, I’m going to focus on me and my impact on those around me. After all, isn’t that what we ask ourselves and encourage others to do so as well?

So, I’m grateful for coffee, because it was something I needed yesterday as I went about with errands and just overall current events.


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