30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Texture

What a weird prompt!

The prompt for today is the texture that I’m grateful for, and honestly, there aren’t really many textures that I normally feel.

I honestly felt like a participant of Project Runway where the designers are talking about the feel of a fabric and how it speaks to them, and for me, it’s not something that I can readily identify with — i.e. Textures and gratitude for such.

So, if I think about my day and what I did, I guess the texture that I’m probably most grateful for, is well made clothes at deep discounts. Now, for those of you who are reading this might think that I’m vain for saying something like this. However, when there are discounts at boutiques (i.e. Banana Republic, Ann. Taylor, Loft, Nordstrom) and you are able to get quality clothes at a descent price, let me just say it’s something that I’m thankful for.

As you all know, it’s rare that I’d buy things at full price, especially good quality items. One of the reasons for it is that splurges can be dangerous, money is hard earned, and let’s face it, when something’s gets on the clothes, it can be devastating in so many different ways. This is why, I rather spend money wisely and buy good clothes and discounted prices.

I was looking for a water proof coat, and I had found one at a discount store. Mind you, when I look for outer wear, I don’t buy just any brand that’s out there. I buy trusted brands. Interestingly enough, I found one by a very well known company, that I know athletes and recreation/adventure junkies all trust, and at the feel of this at a discount store, you can tell, that I did an eyebrow raise. Why? The quality and feel, was off. Now, I do have a few products by this company, all of which I bought at the outlets, on discount, or even at a discount store (i.e. Ross, TJ Maxx, etc) and they all have withstood the tests of time. However, these coats…man, they were just off…fake almost.

Without going on a rant about this, it was disappointing. I then recalled touching a similar coat by the same company and man…it was so different. You can just tell the quality and fabrics used were so different.

So, in conclusion, in a very vain blog, I’d have to say that if there were textures that I was thankful for, I’m thankful for good clothing at good prices. It’s definitely an advantage for the consumer as myself, a good habit to build and teach the younger generation, and honestly, as an individual, when you find something at a deep discount, aren’t you pleased with yourself? For me, if I can buy a $200 pair of shoes for $11, steal! It’s happened to me recently, and I think that’s what I’m thankful for.

So there you have it; day 12…almost at the 15 day mark, which is half way through the. 30 day challenge.

Happy Saturday!


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