30 Day Gratitude Challenge Day 13: Abilities I’m grateful for

Who watches Marvel movies, including Agents of Shield, and wishes that they have powers? This girl who is writing the blog post will raise her hand immediately. What power you ask? That’s a good question. There are too many.

However, since we humans don’t have the luxury of having any super powers, we’ll have to settle with the abilities that we do have. Today is Sunday, and interestingly enough, I had a training/work day where I’m working, but also getting trained at the same time. Essentially, I’m being trained to be a master trainer for teaching new lifestyle coaches for the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program, and let me just say…teaching professional students to be a lifestyle coach. It’s a whole different story.

So, given the prompt, I thought it was a timely prompt because the ability that I’m grateful for, that I am not good at, is teachers who teach, no matter what age. I have taught health education classes, but to teach health professional students something that is many times beyond them, is not easy.

Being a lifestyle coach to people who are trying to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle is not easy. It’s honestly a skill that is built up, and being educated as a health professional is actually a disadvantage. The reason why is that, many times we as educated individuals neglect the fact that the lives we’ve led is very different from the lives that many participants have led. Educated or not, there is no doubt that bad habits have been built up that’s led to unhealthy lifestyles. Not all of the habits that have been acquired can be blamed on the individual — after all, if they grew up on face food, their palette is face food. If the closest grocery store is 10 miles away, who are they to blame if they can’t get to that and can only access the local gas station? Lifestyle change is hard, educated or not, we can all at least agree on that.

So, why am I grateful for teachers who can teach? Because I realized through self reflection, as I was driving home today, the shoulda, coulda, woulda dones that an inexperienced master trainer as myself did. It’s not a bad thing to identify weaknesses. Awareness of my weaknesses as a trainer is important because, there’s always room to improve. Everyone can improve right? However, the experience of teachers is paramount when it comes to helping students become lifestyle coaches for the real world.

Another ability that I’m grateful for, is the ability to be humble. I am humbled today, not because I was given feedback. Rather, I was humbled in being reminded that I don’t know everything, I may coordinated, implemented, and executed the Diabetes Prevention Program. However, to teach a new set of students who some may not have had clinical experience or are great at interacting with people due to a lack of experience, shows me that I have a lot to learn. Am I always a humble person? Honestly? No. I’ll be honest, I find myself to be incredibly stubborn and prideful. However opportunities where I am humbled such as today, is something that I have to acknowledge. In fact, I wish a lot of us can acknowledge our own flaws, be humble about it, and learn to improve upon the experience we have.

So, two more sessions and I hope that each time, I can have that chance to self reflect of what was done well and what could be done better. šŸ™‚

Tired, and drained…being introverted, I’m typing this alone, because, being 80% introverted, I like the alone time…what better thing to do than to blog what I’m grateful for today?

Chow guys! Happy Sunday!


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