30 Day Gratitude Challenge Day 14: Sight for Sore Eyes

Fact: Today is the day when we get to see the super moon and the moon is the largest its been in decades.

2nd fact: I’ll probably asleep when it happens because I had a 13 hour work day! Sadness!!

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

After a 13 hour shift, let me just say I am so tired. As a bonfide introvert, having to work and interact with people for such a long period of time isn’t easy. However, I did want to do this gratitude challenge because it’s such a interesting prompt in a good way.

The fact that today is when one can see the super moon, made me think about how I’m gratitude for the fact that I can see. As many of you do know, I wear glasses because I’m near sighted. A lot of times I wear glasses and on occasion I do wear contacts although it’s not the best option for me because my eyes do get dry with them. However, despite the need for vision aids, honestly, I’m glad that I am able to see.

One of the most beautiful, yet distracting sights I saw today is the sun setting. For those of you in California, if you ever have a chance to travel on highway 37, one of the best views from Vallejo towards Marin County is the sun setting over the mountains on swampy lands. There’s a bridge that allows you to see the vastness (right before Mare Island) and when that sun rises and sets, you get one of the most magnificent views you can get north of the Bay Area. So definitely check this out if you come by or are near the Napa area. I probably wouldn’t stop at the vista point that’s there, not because it’s not beautiful, but it just smells….so the beautiful view is juxtaposed to the the smell.

It was honestly a much needed break to break up the normal 8 hour work day and prepping for the extra added hours. Studying and working, I can do (i.e. Studying, class, and rotations, I can do); however working 13 hours…that’s not the easiest thing to do, at least for me.

So there you have it! Thankful for being able to see as well as being able to see an amazing sunset here in California.

Anyone else think the sun was a lot larger than normal? I know I’m weird to even look at the sun directly, but noticed that it seemed larger.

Ok…I’m probably going to cut out early. Another 13 hour shift in a few days, so…chow!


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