30 Day Gratitude Challenge Day 15: Season I’m grateful for

Today, I was running errands during my lunch break, and it’s getting a bit chillier here in Northern California.

The only thing I honestly like about the fall are the color of leaves. There’s not really much else about autumn that I like. Sure, I love Thanksgiving, which falls in autumn. However, based on what I see and feel, autumn just doesn’t cut it for me.

Winter — I suppose. I love hot cocoa, a working fireplace, if I have a chance to travel up north, I get to see snow. While not a snow boarder or skier, due to old injuries, there’s something about snow that reminds me childhood books that I read about snow. But is winter a favorite season or a season I’m grateful for? No.

I’m grateful for spring. Spring resembles a renewal and you see it as the weather warms up. From green hills to blossoming flowers as well as the wonderful allergies that also come up. We all hate allergies, especially those of us who have it. However, despite this, the fact that at the season of spring, we see renewal, I personally think that this is a season that I’m most grateful for because of this.

One of the reasons why I appreciate spring and the idea of renewal is because I have the opportunity to go back to where I had lived for over a decade for school, graduate, and post grad days. I left bitter, hurt, sad, and angry. So moving back for a spring semester for nursing school brings a lot of anxiety as I anticipate the start of school, but more than that, going back to the place that brought about so much negative emotion. It’s a blog on the world wide web, so I’m not going to go into detail of what really happened. I will say that I got burned by a lot of people, those I trusted that I’ve now lost a lot of respect for as human beings. Moving back to the place I once called home is one wasn’t an easy decision. However, given the location, cost, and what is around, I think it’s best….although I’m definitely located far away from what I once called mentors and friends.

Old place, new year. That’s what spring will be for me. Yes, I start in spring semester, which in reality is actually winter. But the fact that I’m moving there for a spring semester start means a lot in this way — it’s a place that I’m going to call home for a year, and let me just say, that I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen for better or worse. It’s one year…so we’ll just wait and see.

However, I’m grateful for spring. What are your favorite seasons? Is there anything about that particular season you’re grateful for? Let me know in your comments!


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