30 Days of Gratitude Challenge Day 17: Knowledge

Can I just say, that this morning, I woke up thinking in my groggy state, that I didn’t feel like going to work, and lo and behold, there was a pincher bug on my bed. I was quite awake after that.

So, today’s gratitude prompt is — What knowledge am I grateful for?

You know, I’m always one to acknowledge that knowledge is great to have, because in some ways knowledge is power, not that you can use it and get power, but knowledge is empowering.

So the knowledge that I’m grateful for today is the knowledge that if you work hard in life, you will one day reap what you’ve sown. For me, when I think about my journey to where I’m at in terms of my career and where I’m at in life, I have to say that in all honesty, when one works hard one day you’ll see what all that hard work pans out to be.

So, today, I had a few phone calls that I took. While not a J on the Myers Briggs personality test, I like looking at things earlier just to get some perspective and as a very strong S on the Myers Briggs test, there is beauty in the details. I took a few calls on potential schools that offered FNP programs. Those of you who are reading this go — you just got into nursing school; you haven’t started yet; why the heck are you already thinking about phase 2? Let me just say, when you are planning, you can think all you want on when to apply. However, if you don’t even know what you need to apply, what the program is like, what they offer in terms of rotations or networking, it’s not worth my money. I’m already paying a pretty penny for school right now…more schooling means more money, so let me invest where I think I ought to go as well as can go. Realism is key as well.

As I was sharing my story a bit with one program, which I have to say was nice, because the school cared about me, and while I was taking the call on bluetooth in my car while I was driving to work, it was nice to share how I came to a place where I know  the path to which I am going. That path is no straight path, let me tell you that. However, that windy path with twists and turns is one that I can appreciate when I look back at where I was on this journey. As many of you may know, I applied many years to nursing school and without telling a giant story on this blog post, I essentially conceded to not applying and going instead to get my degree in public health. There isn’t any regrets, because I really loved what public health entailed and I love my job now. The one thing about my job that I hate is politics. Let me just say, I love political science; absolutely hate playing the game of politics. This is why I could never be a lobbyist…trust me…I had to debate with a co-worker why we need lobbyists….(If you can see me right now, I am rolling my eyes and shaking my head…obviously..the job that my co-worker and I have right now…grant based..how did we get the grant? Through lobbyists who lobbied at DC…so dollars can go towards the work we’re doing..right, adn we don’t need lobbyists…) Anyhow…public health, became a pivotal stepping stone towards my decision to go back to school, and it allowed me the experience and clarity to explain to counselors just why I decided to apply to nursing school and work towards becoming an FNP. With the renewed since of doing this months back, a lot of hard work went into it. Full days, picking up slack from a co-worker, classes, weekends studying, burning the midnight oil, hearing others getting married and having kids, hearing questions about why am I staying up so late or going back to school when I should be settling down, and the list goes on. However — hard work to get to where I am at right now, through falling flat on my face, insecurities, doubts, even still, right before I start, knowing that I worked hard and have the backing of the few and mighty (friends and family), I am grateful for that.

Surely, there is no better knowledge than knowing that the path I’m walking on will have more windy twists and turns, many could be blindsiding, perhaps even unexpected. Yet, the knowledge of knowing that working hard leads to where I am at today is a blessing in disguise. Nothing comes easy. If you want something, and you want it enough, plan, work hard, do your best, and surely, one day, whether big or small, something will happen.  And that, my friends, is knowledge that you can be grateful for to.

So, dream big, work hard, cry and laugh, because big dreams come with big price tags, costs, and sacrifices. But rest assured, don’t ever think that the knowledge of hard work doesn’t pan out in the end.

Happy Thursday guys! Tomorrow is Friday so TGIF!


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