TBT: Newport Beach and Good Breakfast Food

I have to admit…I’m a sucker for smoked salmon.

My favorite obviously is a smoked salmon bagel sandwich on very light coat of cream cheese and a side of slice cucumbers.

However, when I had this dish at Newport Beach’s Le Pain Quotidien (@ Fashion Island in Newport Beach), and let me just say….

That’s right…there are no words to describe just the freshness of the ingredients that were used for a simple dish such as this. The scallions with smoked salmon literally adds that herb taste to the smoked salmon. The thin piece of wheat bread lightly buttered with the smoked salmon with a slice of alvocado is so…the flavors mixed so well that it was a dish that I honestly didn’t know could taste so good.

It was a pretty penny for me to eat there for breakfast. However, honestly, I thought it was worth it. The coffee itself that I had was amazing.

If you’re in the area and are willing to pay a small price for a breakfast of fresh ingredients, definitely check this joint out. šŸ™‚

After going to Denver and recalling this dish at Newport Beach…man, I miss the good food…


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