30 Day Gratitude Challenge Day 18: Art that I’m grateful for

So, this is my blog post for yesterday (I had typed it, but for some reason, the picture below wasn’t loading. Today, which is Saturday, I was able to load it). So here is yesterday’s blog post on gratitude.

In middle & high school, I had a chance to take a few art classes. I was always fond of architecture as a kid. In fact, I wanted to be an architectural engineer once (amongst many other things including a pilot). However, when I in class, I found that such was a de-stressor for me, especially when peer pressure, academic competition, teenage drama, etc. Because of this, art has such a special place in my heart.

I will admit that I don’t appreciate art as much as many others. I recall while studying abroad in college, where I had the opportunity to learn about Chinese Art History. Can I just say, that I have so much appreciation for how someone who loves art sees art. It’s hard to explain it unless you observe and watch a person look at a structure, piece, or item. The best that I can give you, is when the competitors on Project Runway, when they go to Mood (fabric store), and you see them talk about fabric. From texture to color, you can see that most are describing fabrics in a way that maybe you and I who aren’t as familiar to fabrics would describe. In fact, some of you, if you watch the show, will probably raise eyebrows when you see how they describe fabrics. When you hear how someone describes art, especially an art afficionado, it’s very similar. We may not even get how interesting a piece of art is, but what you know though, is that th person describing it, really appreciates art.

For me, when I think about art, what I appreciate the most, is photography. I will say that it’s not an easy field, because what I see in my eyes, a lot of times I can’t capture with a simple photo. Whether you’re using your mobile cell phone, point and shoot, or DSLR, I find that photography is so beautiful. I’ve checked blogs, instagram, and Google images, and I’m always amazed by what is out there. My favorite photography is landscape and people photography, because both shows the grandeur as well as story of what is out there in this big great world. As an amateur photographer who simply takes pictures of things that I like, not for profit, or for people as memories, it’s something that I find and appreciate on a daily basis.

Lately, sunsets have been my thing. As I would drive home from work and blinded by the the sun setting, I’ve always found such beautiful despite the difficulties I have while driving home. Here’s a picture that I took recently after a difficult day at work. Let me just say, people have this way of making work difficult. It’s not red tape or logistics or even politics. Rather, people. Before I go on a rant, which is not what this blog post is about, it’s about gratitude….woo sah Michelle….I saw the sunset and there was a giant windmill. Now, I’ve seen windmills before, but this one is up close and personal. Being a nerd and wannabe engineer, it was something that I simply needed to see, so I took a picture of it.


So photography is my favorite art, as well as what I’m most grateful for. Not only are you able to create memories from photos — digital and physical copies of pictures, but it’s an opportunity for anyone who has a camera to take up and learn.



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